Making the Most of a Small Space: My Quest for a Pretty Laundry Room!

Greetings Friends! What to do with an awkward space--for years that has been my small laundry room dilemma. Since my home does not have a garage or basement and the attic access is extremely inconvenient, it has been quite a challenge to maintain organization and pretty didn't enter the equation...

Earlier this week, I shared my fun washer and dryer bling.  Who knew $20 decals could make such a difference?! Believe it or not, that wasn't my first step to revamp the room...

...First, I was in need of inspiration, which may sound like a no brainer but let's face it--this is anything but inspirational!  This photo was in January before my last attempt to declutter and reorganize but it is still embarrassing! Over the years, I have repeated this cycle more times than I can care to count--purge, organize, clutter sneaks up on me...repeat!  Something had to give! 

BEFORE laundry room

As I've said before, I needed storage space but most of the items I needed to store wouldn't fit into pretty little baskets--picture the awkward sized items you may have in your garage or basement.  Now picture storing them in a fraction of the space! Back to my inspiration...would you be surprised it came from this vintage tablecloth? If you've read my blog--probably not ;) It finally dawned on me that I could make a curtain for the utility shelves.  I chose several tablecloths from my thrifted collection and compared the size with the shelves.  This was the one that fit and ultimately became my color palette. I also added red accents to contrast the two shades of blue.  As is often the case with my projects, one thing led to another but not necessarily in the order you might imagine...

Vintage tablecloth curtain

Since corralling storage has been my biggest challenge, I began there.  First I painted the utility shelves and then organized the contents before adding the curtain.  (I'll be sharing more on exactly how I did this on Wednesday.)  Once the curtain was hung, I actually saw potential for pretty and that's when I got excited and ordered the washer/dryer decals which prompted spray painting my drab brooms and dustpan gold, yes gold!  

Storage shelves with tablecloth curtain

I was channeling my inner glam--so then of course, I needed chandelier!

Laundry room refresh and chandy

As I waited for my lovelies to arrive, I continued to work.  These shelves also got a makeover with my favorite chalk paint, Americana Decor Vintage. 

Storage shelves before

The morning I painted them, I decided that I would prefer to use galvanized containers rather than baskets.  I found these great tubs from Ikea for $2 at a yard sale the same day! 

Freshly painted shelves

On the top shelf, I used large baskets I already had for storage. My sweet blogging buddy Jo sent me the gorgeous tag with a lovely gift awhile back.  I knew I would find the perfect use for it--thanks Jo! If you're wondering, the jar contains prickly seed pods of moon flower.

Baskets and creative labels for organization

The shelves were organized and I even had room to hang some potted basil.  The cute rug is from Lowe's--chenille and so soft! By this point, I had cleared out a small shelving unit that previously took up most of the counter.  

Laundry room makeover

I realized I would have enough work space to create an herb drying station and then it occurred to me, that I really should paint while I was at it! Here's the cream but rather dingy walls, also visible in some of the before photos and the forest green countertop.  

BEFORE painting counters

What a difference my favorite wall color Behr Loft Space makes! I also used a pale gray counter top paint.  I had not used it before and wanted to try it.  I love the color--I did not like working with the paint and would not recommend it! I am so glad I tried it here because I cannot imagine trying to paint kitchen counters with it and I'll share more of my thoughts on it soon. Having said that, I couldn't be happier with my herb drying space--complete with chandelier! The mini size is perfect for the room. 

Mini chandy in the laundry room

A few more details...
Remember to utilize over the door storage! 

Over the door storage

I used a vintage tablecloth to make a curtain for the storage shelves,  but vintage linens can also dress up windows...

Vintage table runner valance

...and even yard sale baskets!

Yard sale basket storage
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I am convinced the soft gray paint has a calming effect and I can't decide if I am more smitten with the gold decals or chandelier! I am equally excited about space to dry my herbs where I once battled constant clutter.  The room is still tiny but finally feels organized. Tiny, but multifunctional. Tiny, but pretty! 

$200 laundry room makeover

Have you made the most of a small space in your home? Does one thing lead to another...and then another... as it does with me?  I would love to hear your creative solutions!

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  1. Great job in getting the most out of that small space. A job well done !!!
    Gold broom and dustpan ... I bet that makes sweeping a lot more fun.
    Love the little chandelier.

  2. I love the color of the paint and it is calming. Love your little shanty too where ever did you find it? Your room looks really nice and love the colors.. Thrifting is the way to go and so much more fun, to me, to decorate with. Our laundry room is in the dungeon, and I don't know how to make it look good...maybe one day. Thanks for letting me know you liked my Floral Gallery Wall.

  3. I love all the beautiful touches you made to your laundry room! Looks like a fun place to be now. The chandelier is unexpected and so pretty! Maybe it won't seem like such a chore now to do the laundry in your new happy place!

  4. What a wonderful transformation. I know it would be fun to do laundry in there now. In our two other houses, I had a laundry room that I enjoyed decorating. Now, in our downsized patio home, I only have a closet with those hinged doors. Sad face.

  5. "If you give a mouse a cookie..." Yes, I want to change one thing and it dominos. Lol. I love how sweet your space looks. I too made a curtain to hide my shelves. I used a sheet but I love your tablecloth idea! The chandy is a great touch. Also, I'm looking forward to hearing what you didn't like about painting the counter top. The room turned out great. The colors are perfect. Yay for organized utility rooms that look pretty!

  6. You worked a miracle in that room! It looks great!! I haven't organized a small space YET but you have inspired me!!

  7. Curtains are a life saver. Love it all. Hugs, Jo

  8. You have so many cute ideas! You should write a book! I love the 'hidden' storage. Works so great! And I'm going to start looking for an old chandelier for my bedroom. You've inspired me! Hugs, Diane

  9. I have a yucky laundry room, yours is darling! Love the chandelier!

  10. Great post…and really honest 'before' pictures. Your results are inspiring Now to go tackle something!

  11. So many things about this room I love - the color, the chandelier, the organization and the bling on your washer and dryer. Beautiful job. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  12. Very nice! I re-did my laundry room just before Christmas. It used to be so boring and cluttered too. I love it now. Amazing what a few pretties will do to inspire you to do the laundry and keep the space tidy and clutter free. You did a fantastic job!

  13. Wow, what a transformation. LOVE the chandelier. Thank you for sharing your new laundry room at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  14. I love your laundry room and really love the use of vintage linens in so many ways!! The little red bird tea towel would dress up any room. This room is an inspriation and shows that you don't need square footage or lots of money to have a beautiful, glamorous space! Great Job!!

  15. You are wonder woman, Cecilia! Your laundry room is darling :) I need to do something with my laundry room too and you have inspired me - thanks, sweet friend. And thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  16. You've really utilized the space well Cecilia! Love the chandelier and your herb drying station is so fun! I have dill drying from a rack in my back door entrance. I need to do a little work in my laundry room. It seems to be my dumping spot. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  17. I just featured you, but I don't mind looking at it again. I guess I missed the chandelier before, looking just at the polkadot washing machine, which i adore. Thanks for sharing and also for showing off our 'Im Featured'-badge. Much appreciated. Hope to seeing you again this weekend at

  18. Adorable and functional. Love the rake turned cleaning tools holder. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Your laundry room looks great! I've been struggling trying to figure out how to make mine cute. I may borrow some ideas from you! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

  20. Love it! Your curtains and blingy decals are my favorite<3 Pinned


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