After a Flood: Gratitude and Making Peace!

Greetings Friends! I want to thank all of you who sent kind thoughts and prayers when my house flooded from a burst kitchen hose. With all that is going on, I am a little behind on my usual blog visits, but I hope to catch up soon. Since my last post, slowly but surely I am making a little progress.  I received some good news...

Gratitude and peace

...when my insurance agent sent Servpro out to determine if there was any moisture in the sheetrock and thankfully there was not!  Also, both the insurance agent and the techs from Servpo said I did "everything right" under the circumstances, which was news to me since I could barely think straight! I consider both answers to prayer ;) Mostly, I am so thankful the damage was not worse.   Do you remember this rug? I found the matching pair last year and have just loved them. I thought for sure they were goners when I saw them covered in water. I spent extra time with the shop vac and placed them in the sun but was afraid they would be stiff after having been soaked.  Surprisingly, they dried soft and with no odor!

Gratitude in spite of a home disaster

Thursday morning before Servpro arrived, I noticed the carpet in my two bedroom closets was still quite wet.  I was able to reach underneath and touch the carpet pad and it was still wringing wet after multiple times with the shop vac and a professional carpet extractor!  I decided it had to go and ripped it out. You may remember,  I have stained concrete in most of my house.  Only one bedroom and the closets still had carpet.  In February, when I took the carpet out of my bedroom,  I had originally planned to tackle the last bedroom as well, but decided to wait after my bedroom wore me out! So when faced with the option of having the techs set up dehumidifiers for several days to dry out the carpet versus having them take it out, there was no question! By far, removing the carpet, pad and carpet tacking was the most strenuous part of my bedroom floor project. Now that's all done!  The most tedious task-- preparing the floor by patching and removing paint stains from the builders, still lays before me. However, I have accepted that it will extend the amount of time my home looks like an episode of Hoarders because I will be happier with the end result.   I am that person who would have kicked myself in two weeks for not having them rip out the carpet when I had the chance! So, in between clean up and sorting damaged beyond repair and keepers, here's where I'll be starting...

Before stained concrete

 I have had a few days to process the timing of all of this.  While there is never a "good" time for a crisis in the home, I realized the timing was a blessing.  Had it been a few weeks earlier, my laundry room makeover would not have complete--imagine those before photos in two inches of water! A few weeks later, and I would be expecting my Mom and step-sister for a Girls Weekend I am hosting, while trying to put my home back together.  See what I mean? There is a lot to be done and daily epsom salt baths for my sore muscles but I am counting my blessings all the same! 

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  1. It is all falling into place just like God planned it when you sent your prayers up to Him!

  2. Hi Cecilia ... hope things are getting easier for you with this massive clean-up.
    That's a hard way to get things changed, cleaned and organized. Sorry you had this happen. I will be praying that everything goes well.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. Amen for blessings Cecilia! Although still sorry you're having to go through a stressful time at all. Wonderful attitude Lady and prayers everything else will go smoothly now. xo

  4. I had a flood in our house in Ohio some time ago, and I think it was ServePro who put me back together again. The sump pump in the basement failed, and we had a foot of (thank goodness) clean ground water. It was in the middle of a hot and humid summer. My partner was at work when it happened. ServePro brought all of the stuff out of the basement — fabric, paper (magazines and books), wood for crafts and many other items — and put it all in the back yard to assess and record the damage for the insurance claim. They ran fans and sucked up the water. A friend repaired the sump pump, and I remained indebted to him to this day. I sat in the back yard for several days by myself feeling pretty pitiful! Luckily, some stuff could be saved. We had a massive visit to the laundromat. Even in the short time it took to get everything collected, by the time it was loaded into the car it was smelling pretty musty. I don't remember how many machines and dryers we had going! It isn't easy, but we do it and get through it!

    Now, about your floors of concrete. We just bought a house, and we are considering removing the carpet and staining the concrete slab. Do you have any information about how you did it or anyadvice that you followed? We are putting our craft and sewing in the master bedroom, and the carpet is yucky — old and needs restretched, so we thought about removing it all and leaving it as is. I know we have to remove all that wood and nails that held it in place, but I'd like more information from someone who has done it, if you wouldn't mind. We need an idea about what we might be getting ourselves into. Thank you!

  5. So glad the timing works out. ;) it's always best to find the silver lining, isn't it? Nothing like being forced into a project before we think we're ready for it but like you said, it's better to go ahead than kick yourself later. Wish I was close enough to pop over and help! Best wishes to you! You're amazing.

  6. Bless your heart...having water in our floors is one of the WORST feelings. I've never gone thru a MAJOR flood but the bottom fell out of our hot water heater several yrs ago and water got underneath a fair amount of carpet...I cried my eyes out, then got busy and pulled the carpet back and put a fan on the time ins. company got there, it was all dry...they did replace pad and carpet for that room.
    Blessing to you, dear one.

  7. Oh no! I am so sorry about these difficulties, my friend! I do hope the cleaning and all that "good stuff" goes well, dear Cecilia. Hugs to you!

  8. Yikes! Carpets can be such an added complication, since it tends to take longer to dry if it gets soaked in flood water. So it was a wise decision that you decided to rip those up and not have to deal with similar projects in the future. Take care!

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta


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