Chicken Feeder Challenge: Nostalgic Child's Play Mantel

Greetings Friends! With many states participating in the tax free weekend, I am sure lots of you have back to school on your mind.  Even so, since summer is not quite over, I decided to update my mantel before fall is upon us. This thrifted vintage game board provided the inspiration...

Nostalgic vintage toy mantel

Within a few days of scoring this fabulous metal game board, I received a video from Youngest Daughter.  It featured Ginger Grand giggling in delight as he watched a Slinky travel down a set of stairs.  A wave of nostalgia washed over me as I remembered that same trick from my childhood and I decided to shop my home for more vintage toys to add to the mantel.  You may remember I have challenged myself to style around my antique chicken feeder.  The retro game board rested nicely in the center and I added some colored pencils and a silk daisy in the oval openings. 

Whimsical chicken feeder mantel

The toy airplane came from the same parking lot sale as the game board.  Does the yellow bug look familiar? As a child, I used to play a game called Cootie at my paternal grandmother's kitchen table.  I believe they still make the game but it doesn't look the same.  I actually found this similar one in a retro game at Hobby Lobby, to play with GG.  

Whimsical chicken feeder and vintage toy mantel

Remember my Happy banner?  Originally, I added the letters to a $3 bargain bin banner...

Happy banner

...for a simple update, I removed the flowered end pieces, added thrift store yo-yos and replaced the letters with F-U-N! 

Fun banner and whimsical vintage toy mantel

On the left side, a toy truck and vintage books from my thrifted collection accompany GG's favorite Lego mini fig and a dollar store Slinky. 

Vintage toy mantel

On the right, I added a yard sale Scrabble board and Viewmaster--remember those? I couldn't resist two of my childhood favorites when I saw them at Cracker Barrel.  I remember watching Gumby reruns as a little girl and playing jacks was my absolute favorite.  My friends and I would sprawl across the floor in the most awkward positions playing for hours! 

Vintage toy mantel

Here you can see how it all came together.  I got the GG seal of approval during our Facetime chat this weekend.  Funny, how something as simple as a game board served as a reminder to see things through the eyes of a child.  

Vintage chicken feeder and toy mantel

Bring back any memories?


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  1. What a fun mantel! My Grands would be wanting to play with it all for sure!

  2. Ahhh...the memories! Now, if you only had a box of Tinker Toys!

  3. Yes! Lots of memories. Cute idea for a unique mantel.

  4. Truly a colorful and FUN mantel Cecilia. I know your GG loved seeing it. It does bring back childhood memories, especially the ball and jacks.

  5. What fun collection you brings back so many memories for me!!!

  6. I played Cooties at my grandmother's too! And love scrabble. Cute mantel collection and fun!

  7. I am an old toy lover so of course I adore this Cecilia! I have a collection of old toys and did a mantle with some of them for July a couple years ago. I recently picked up a Cooties game at an estate sale to add to my collection. I house the majority of them upstairs in the bonus room where the kids play. I have old game boards on one of the walls. Lately I noticed that a few of them had fallen off. That is I thought until I caught little 3 year old Will taking them down. lol! Kids will be kids.

  8. This is so cute and so original! I'd have a hard time not playing with everything. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us at VIP.

  9. I can remember when old toys cost and arm and a leg
    back in the 1980's era pf collecting
    They are just so cute and nostalgic

  10. I absolutely loved this fun post, sweet Cecilia! You have so much beautiful creativity in you :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!


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