Friday's Find #151

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Recently I attended one of my favorite annual neighborhood yard sales.  You know, where you can just park your car and hit several sales at once--aren't they the best? This sale was held at the pretty neighborhood where Audrey, at Timeless Treasures lives; in fact, it was at her sale a few years ago that we first met! I found so many treasures this year, I'll be sharing them for the next few weeks.  I was absolutely charmed by this vintage Cinderella pumpkin carriage cake topper.  It's definitely a keeper!

Vintage Cinderella's pumpkin carriage cake topper

Another vintage cake topper, perhaps it's the palace where Cinderella and Prince Charming danced the night away ;) I bought both from Audrey's neighbor, Phyllis.  She was tickled by my excitement and happy they were going to a good home. 

Vintage palace cake topper

These were my first purchase of the morning, both for .25! 

Vintage teacups

I'm of the mindset that one can't really have too many vintage doorknobs, especially when I scored two for less than the usual cost of one!

Vintage door knobs

One of the best perks of yard sales and thrift stores is when you find "like new" items from the list of things you need to buy. Just in time for Ginger Grand's visit this week, I found several books, 

Yard sale books

some goodies for outside and

Yard sale finds

some crafty finds! GG loves crafts and I have quite a few planned. More on that coming soon!

Kids craft supplies

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. I love bargains and you found several

  2. You did find some wonderful goodies and oh those door knobs!
    I am having fun seeing the joy your are experiencing right now with your daughter and grandson:) Nothing quite as wonderful!
    Thanks so much for joining us for TOHOT too!

  3. Always love your finds but seeing the Ten Little Dinosaurs book with the big googly eyes made me smile. It was one of my boys (and my) favorite books when they were kids! Still have it but shows a lot of "love". Enjoy!

  4. Loved all the books and outdoor toys you got for your ginger grand. He is adorable! Of course I loved the glass door knobs too.

  5. What great finds. Love the Cinderella cake topper and the glass door knobs. Looking forward to seeing what else you found. Sounds like yall are having a blast. I've enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  6. Cecilia ... so happy you found some nice things at our neighborhood sale. Phyllis always has great stuff for children that come to visit, especially craft stuff and books. She also has a five year old great-grandson who visits daily. Happy you stopped by my sale and thanks for the link back. I hope to get back in the blogging loop soon.
    Audrey Z.

  7. Love the glass door knobs, and the cake toppers are so fun!

  8. Cute cake toppers!! You always find the cutest stuff!!

  9. My favorites are the glass doorknobs.

  10. Cecilia, Love the Cinderella vintage cake topper. I am with you on glass nobs and keys. Love the insect tote. Sylvia D.


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