Friday's Find #149

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends!  I frequently come across souvenir state plates, but rarely see the trays, which I happen to prefer.  This week I scored a trio, beginning with the magnolia flowered Louisianna: Available

Vintage souvenir state tray

Each is trimmed in gold and features the state flower. They are identical in size and happen to already have nail holes in them, which tells me someone had the same idea that occurred to me--what a fun collage they would make grouped together! Pennsylvania Available 

Vintage souvenir state trays

Virginia Available

Vintage souvenir state trays

I already had this almost identical Vermont / New Hampshire tray listed in my shop.  The only difference is the trim detail is white instead of gold.  Available

Souvenir state trays

Okay, these are my favorite of the week. I've sold crocheted hangers before, but I've never seen any quite like this. The pattern looks almost like lace and they are pristine! I'm not ready to part with these yet...

Crocheted hangers

Another hanger, and while not as pretty as the previous, I've never seen a padded skirt/pants variety. I'm picturing an interesting upcycle for this one! 

Fabric covered hanger

I love nesting baskets like these. The lids make them so handy for storage, also keepers! 

Nesting baskets

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Cecilia, you amaze me with your finds! Always incredible stuff! There must be more pickers down here in my neck of the woods...LOL! Love the trays and the hangers are so sweet! You hit the jackpot!

  2. i ave not seen the trays before.

  3. Too funny Cecilia, I had one of those trays (WI) in my hot little hands last night at Goodwill and I put it back! Now I think I'll have to go back today and look for it! Baskets are the best! xoKathleen

  4. Those hangers are quite a treasure! I would keep them too :)

  5. Love those trays but I am trying to not start another collection of anything! We will see how that goes...ha!

  6. I've sold a few of the state trays in my booth. So far the only one I kept for myself is for Georgia and I even found the matching coasters. The hangers are beautiful and I would keep them too.

  7. Great finds Cecilia. The hangers are so pretty, don't blame you for keeping them. The state plates are very interesting. I can see those in a wall grouping in an office room. Good to see you today and hope you found some treasures.
    Audrey Z.

  8. I have never seen those state trays but I do have a metal state tray glass holder. It is pretty with the state flower in each holder. Love the hangers! I have been drawn to vintage hangers lately myself!

  9. I've never seen trays like that. They're pretty cool! I sold 6 crochet hangers just like those a while back. They're so pretty!

  10. Giving you a feature for tomorrow's Let's Talk Vintage! Thanks so much for participating!


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