Thrifty Summer Garden Hacks

Happy Wednesday Friends! Summer outdoor activities are around the corner, and today I'm sharing simple tricks that will not only save money but also free up more time to enjoy your outdoor space...

Cozy garden nook

Above, if your outdoor space lacks a patio or covered porch area, don't give up on a relaxing garden retreat.  All that's needed is some careful arranging and a few creature comforts. See how I created a cozy garden nook.  Below, save your wine and glass water bottles to repurpose as watering orbs for large container plants. 

Repurposed wine bottle watering orbs

Does your wood fence need refreshing? Learn how to choose the right stain the first time and avoid the mistake I made restoring my fence.

DIY fence restoration

Need garden storage, but want a cutesy potting stand? Repurpose cheap utility shelves to serve double duty. I find mine at thrift stores and yard sales, plus they're durable and super functional. Most only need screws tightened and a fresh coat of paint and are good to go.

Repurposed utility shelf potting stand

Whether you desire a little added privacy or need to camouflage an eyesore, DIY reed fencing is a great solution.  I added it to the rurual game fencing at the back of my property but it could also be added to chain link fences. 

DIY reed fencing

No one wants to be a slave to their garden but keeping plants watered during vacation time can be a real dilemma, so I use a kiddie pool!  When I have to be away, I place it under a tree, fill it with my container plants and add water.

Kiddie pool as vacation watering alternative

Is your patio umbrella faded, but in otherwise good condition? My umbrellas take a beating from the scorching Texas sun and I learned to save a nice chunk of change by spray painting instead of buying new!

Spray painted patio umbrella

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Summer garden hacks

What's your go to garden trick? 

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  1. Those are some great tips! I especially like the reuse of bottles for watering orbs! And the metal utility shelves. How cheerful (and good!) yours look with its bright yellow paint. Thanks for sharing all these great tips. :-)

  2. The kiddie pool idea is fabulous!!

  3. Great ideas for the garden. I love your chaise and the cushion you have on it. I picked up a chaise like yours last year at a yard sale but it didn't come with a cushion. Where did you find one to fit?

  4. Great ideas!! Love the kiddie pool idea....I must do that.

  5. I have a tan and red stripped umbrella. Wonder if I could paint it solid red . .

  6. So many great tips! I always worry about our plants/garden when we go on vacation every summer. I've lost a few along the way I must say...perhaps we can try your pool idea this year. Love that reading nook, looks so peaceful! xoKathleen

  7. Great tips Cecilia. I know your garden must be beautiful this year with all the rain. Love your lime green chaise and the sunny yellow cushion ... making a very cozy nook for reading and relaxing.
    Audrey Z.

  8. Thank you - I'm glad I visited from White Spray Paint. I especially like the idea of using the wine bottle as a watering orb.

  9. Thanks for sharing all these great tips with SYC.


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