Friday's Find # 148

TGITF Friends! We've all heard the adage They don't make them like they used to and I have to agree when it comes to this gorgeous card of Bluebird buttons. It's dated 1923 and I've never seen one like it before--don't you just love the art and colors?

Vintage buttons

When the price is right, I bring home orphan shakers and repurpose them. Love the pretty floral pattern on this one. 

Vintage salt shaker

 Vintage jello molds and  vintage tart tins are also on my list of favorites to repurpose. Since my collection is pretty stocked right now, these are Available.

Vintage tart tins

Crocheted hotpads add such a homey vibe to the kitchen. These look like they've never been used. Available

Vintage hotpads

A pair of metal industrial casters, a junker's favorite! Available

Etsy: Thrift Store Addiction

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. I never pass up the tart tins either but I sitting here looking at a large jar full of them. Some of my need to become available in my booth. Love the graphics on the Blue Bird button card.

  2. I love that shaker, so pretty. Great finds this week. I just scored some vintage glass Christmas ornaments and will show those during the Christmas in July Blog hop.

  3. Hi Cecilia, I love your finds, & I just had to go check out how you repurposed orphan shakers. So interesting! I might have to give that a try. I have a pretty cobalt blue one with a red top right now. I bought it cuz I just liked the pretty bottle, not realizing it was actually a shaker until I got it home. Been wondering what to do with it! Have a great weekend! Happy sales & thrifting!

  4. The button card is so sweet! And I always love me a good vintage caster! Great idea to use the shaker as a diffuser, genius! xo Kathleen

  5. I'm always inspired by your posts and this week I actually went out thrifting! I only hit one shop, but I found a super cute table for three bucks and it's already had a makeover! This could become a habit! ;-)

  6. That button card is really sweet. I wish packaging was still as artful as it was years ago.

  7. Good scores Cecilia! I am drooling over that button card!!

  8. Love the tart tins! I can never pass those by either. They can be used in so many ways. That button card is so pretty!

  9. Lots of great little treasures. The buttons on the card are too sweet.


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