Handmade Vintage Christmas Market

Happy Friday, Friends! Anticipating the possibility of holiday shipping delays, I've been as busy as a Christmas elf crafting handmade ornaments and decor that's ready to be shipped! Today I'm sharing an assortment of Christmas treasures I've lovingly crafted from vintage quilts, lace, and linens...

Handmade vintage Christmas market
Handmade rustic trees crafted from vintage lace and antique spool/bobbins. 

Whimsical rustic Christmas trees are AVAILABLE HERE! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a sneak peek of my virtual Christmas market last night featuring brand new listings crafted from timeworn fabrics. 

vintage hankie dove ornament

Vintage Hankie Dove Ornaments AVAILABLE HERE! 

(Three dove ornaments were salvaged from an already torn hankie. Stay tuned--next week I'll share how to craft ornaments from vintage hankies with NO cutting, sewing, or gluing! )

Handmade quilted Christmas ornaments

Jingle bell quilted ornaments AVAILABLE HERE!

Handmade vintage yoyo garland

Handmade retro yoyo garlands for your tree and mantel AVAILABLE HERE! 

Vintage handmade quilted ornaments

Handmade quilted rustic star and peace dove ornaments AVAILABLE HERE!

Handmade vintage quilt ornaments

My Thrift Store Addiction

Handmade vintage Christmas market
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  1. I absolutely love every one of these gorgeous handmade ornaments. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I hope I can make some of them this year. I am so sick and tired of all the Chinese crap (sorry) in stores today. It is just so cheap and doesn't add anything to holiday decor.

  2. Beautiful. They're all so creative, but those trees are amazing!

  3. Beautiful! Such decorations make every Xmas very special <3


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