Friday's Find: A Rescued Reject!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today's feature didn't look so fabulous when I found it at a yard sale but underneath the dated fabric, I saw hidden potential...

Yard sale sofa

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Okay, admit it--some of you are thinking you would have walked  run away from this reject! I hear you and I almost did.  However, as yard sale providence would have it, I had just made the decision the day before to sell my teal settee and matching chair.  They were ordered online a few years ago and I have never been completely satisfied with the color. The online shade looked like my accent wall color but when they arrived, were more gray blue.  At the time, I had searched high and low for a vintage sofa without success and eventually settled for this pair. Note to self: (1) Do not order furniture online and (2) Do not settle! I tried getting use to them but every so often considered getting rid of them, especially after I found my lovely vintage sofa, Rosie.  My decision was solidified after taking a series of photos for the Blogger Fall Tour. Through the camera, I often see details I miss in every day living.  Do you ever experience the same thing? Back to the yard sale sofa, had I not already decided to sell the other furniture, I wouldn't have even considered the huge project.  Mind you, it was Saturday and not early, which means what zealous shoppers considered the good stuff was taken Friday or at least first thing that morning. Still, I pondered the potential. The worn, busy fabric had to go and DIY reupholstering is not one of my strengths.   

Before sofa makeover

Upon closer inspection, it was clean and had good bones. Did I mention it was $10?!  So of course, I brought her home.  Take a peek at my inspiration for transforming this baby...

Sofa makeover inspiration

...and one last look at the before, then meet me here Sunday to see dramatic results! I have to say, this may be my best makeover yet! 

Yard sale sofa BEFORE

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Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. I can't wait to see the reveal, Cecelia...I love your inspiration...and the piece has great lines!

  2. Wait. It was $10?? Are you kidding? I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. You took on a big challenge, but I know that it is going to be fabulous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. You are the second blogger this week who has bought a lovely vintage couch, tho hers had carving on the wood and was only 79 cents! I am now waiting to see what both of you do to your finds!

    1. Would love to know which blog is this one?

  5. Thank you for the teaser. I just found you on Cozy Little House blog's line up so thought I would drop by for a visit. I will keep you tagged! Want to see this on Sunday!

  6. Looking forward to seeing how you transformed the couch. It is a really nice piece and I am sure it is fabulous now!

  7. I LOVE that couch and can totally see why you bought it (in addition to the steal you made for $10). Re-upholstery is not my strong suit either, so I'm anxious to see your finished product tomorrow, Cecilia. Especially since I just bought a French (sort of) style chair yesterday for $4.00! It's got caning on the sides with an upholstered seat and back.


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