How to Add Length to Curtains--No Sewing Needed!

Greetings Friends! Have you ever been excited to hang great new curtains, only to discover they are too short? This happened to me recently and I'm sharing my solution--no sewing needed! 

How to lengthen curtains

When I took down my living and dining room curtains to wash them after they got soiled from flooding, I realized how faded they were.  Time for new curtains--easier said than done! I needed four panels for the two windows and I am picky about curtains.  Ideally, I could have found 4 identical tablecloths that I loved and used clip on rings but that didn't happen.  After a day of shopping I found some I liked at Ross and the price was right. I had already returned several pairs because as far as I am concerned they are like clothes and have to be "tried on" my windows.  I can't tell a thing when they're packaged! So by this time, I was pretty psyched about finding two matching pairs at two different Ross stores but when I hung them they were too short--they looked like highwaters!  Except for that small detail, I really liked the way they looked in the room. Determined to make them work, I noticed they had pretty sizable hems, so I started ripping with my trusty seam ripper.  

No sew curtain lengthening

Next, fold, then press a new narrow hem and apply fabric fuse. 

Fabric fuse curtain tutorial

About fabric fuse--maybe I am just out of the loop, but where has this been all of my life? It doesn't even have to be ironed on! Just press on with your fingers inside of your new hem...

Fabric fuse curtain tutorial

...then remove the paper backing as you finger press your hem down! 

No sew fabric fuse curtain hem tutorial

I was able to add about 3 inches to my new curtains and including the fabric fuse, spent less than $40 for two large windows! 

Fabric fuse curtain lengthening tutorial

Have you ever tried fabric fuse? 

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  1. Love the curtains ... smart move to lengthen without sewing. That likely added a little weight to the bottom too. I need to remember this when I take the hems out of the shears I plan to hang on the front porch. Thanks for the information.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. I love fabric fuse! I made some table runners awhile back with it-
    Your curtains turned out great!
    Looking forward to seeing you at the Blog Party!

  3. Wow! I can't stand the stuff you have to iron on....I ruined a whole iron that way. This sounds too good to be true. I must try it!

  4. Love the No-Sew option! Thank you for sharing this gem :)


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