No-Sew Repurposed Vintage Easter Linen Pillow

Happy Monday, Friends! True confession: I scored this gorgeous vintage linen months ago. I fell in love with the sweet chick and bunny pattern and held onto it for a special seasonal project. Today I'm sharing how I repurposed it as a no-sew mini pillow plus my tip for crafting it without sewing...

vintage Easter pillow

If you have read even a few of my posts, you know this girl loves vintage linens! The size of this unique runner may have been intended as a dresser scarf, but after some creative folding, I realized it would make an adorable mini pillow. Lately, I'm holding thrifted treasures with open hands, which means that I may "borrow" them for a season before listing them on Etsy. My friend, Rita at Panoply, mirrored my sentiments in a comment she left about one of my recent thrift store finds, when she said, "I love finding things, using them, and then letting them go." Amen, Rita!

vintage Easter linen

For that reason, I didn't want to stitch this pristine linen. So I decided to put some handy double-sided tape to work. I apologize in advance for not taking more photos of my process--I have a tendency to get lost in the moment creatively, and then realize I neglected to photograph more "steps." The process is sort of like wrapping a present, and I think you'll understand why I didn't want to "unwrap" it for photos! 

no sew pillow

Now this process won't stand the test of time like a stitched pillow would, but it's a great alternative for preserving vintage treasures. I placed an 8" x 8" pillow in the center, folding it so that the design showed in front. I used strips of double-sided tape to press the edges of the linen together, encasing the pillow. Pictured above, is the final step, adding a strip of the tape to close the bottom edge. The colors add a nice touch of spring to my guest room.

no sew pillow

Here's a better view of the room, including the $12 thrifted headboard that I scored in perfect condition. (The framed canvas. lamps, and toile fabric were thrifted too. 😊) 

no sew pillow

My Thrift Store Addiction

no sew Easter pillow


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  1. Love the way you pulled all the elements together. You are so inspiring!

  2. If you're not careful, you're going to have too many of us knocking on your door to live in your spare room! I've usually sewed my pillow treasures but I like your results!


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