Boho Baskets: Friday's Find #330

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! How has your week been? Are you ready for this week's fabulous finds? The boho style trend of hanging groupings of baskets on walls is quite popular...

boho wall baskets

I've noticed all sizes are in demand, so I grabbed several recently. I also scored several pristine doilies, which will be keepers! I love using them as garlands and for crafts. 

vintage doilies

However, the set of four baskets is AVAILABLE HERE!

boho wall baskets

You may remember I scored several sets of vintage children's hangers at the beginning of the year. Since I sold all six sets, I have been on the lookout for more and came across a set of five  adult hangers that someone chalk painted. AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage clothes hangers

My Thrift Store Addiction

boho baskets

Until next time, happy hunting! 
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  1. Clever use for your doilies; I wouldn't have ever thought of using them on a plate. Will make a great wall gallery! I love the little ones for doll house table cloths; the holes allow me to use "Mini-hold" (like a waxy hold-the-candle-in-the-holder stuff) dishes, a lamp, etc. onto the table so things don't tip over! I'm already tired of the corona virus business--Maine now has 3 cases--I spent a chunk of the day making Christmas ornamants to sell and for church bazaar!


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