Upscale Houston Resale: Friday's Find #313

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today I'm sharing fabulous finds from a recent visit to Houston. Several weeks ago, my mom treated me to a mother-daughter weekend as an early birthday gift. It was such a treat to be pampered--we shopped, went to a movie, got massages, and ate delicious food all weekend! Of course, Mom scoped out a few resale shops for us check out...

resale shop finds

As is often the case, the best one was off the beaten path. We drove around a business suite center parking lot a few times before we found it. It's called A-1 Resale and is in Webster on NASA 1--believe me the merch is better than the name! They have beautiful clothes, jewelry, decor items, and even a few pieces of furniture.The first thing I picked up was this vintage door knob. 

resale shop finds

This little handmade mini rooster board was only $1, and I couldn't resist it.

resale shop finds

Last but not least, this repro jadeite pepper shaker isn't from the resale shop, but I bought it the same day, at Ross. 

resale shop finds

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. I always love to see your treasures. My grandparents" front parlor had a crystal doorknob like that and I just loved it! How nice that your Mom enjoys doing the same things you do. My mom and I did not have much in common that way. If I took her out to eat, she complained about the fried food, the prices, the air conditioner vent blowing on her...She was absolutely horrified (maybe 15 years ago) when I spent $20 on a Westmoreland wedding cake box painted with the pink roses and blue bows at a yard sale. It is in a place of honor on top of the bookcase top of the computer desk.


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