Rustic Repurposed Rake Head Christmas Tree: Friday's Find #312

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! This past Saturday, I was treated to a wonderful birthday lunch by Favorite Son and Darling Daughter-in-Law. The weather was gorgeous, and we enjoyed our meal outside then headed to a flea market hosted by one of my favorite stores in nearby Comfort...

Repurposed Rake Head Christmas tree

We had so much fun browsing the goodies, and I scored this fabulous vintage rake head for $5. Favorite Son carried it around as we continued to shop, and I can't tell you how many times he was asked, "Now what are you going to do with THAT?" One insightful vendor remarked, "It really is the perfect green!"--a lady after my own heart! 

Repurposed Rake Head Christmas tree

After I got home and pondered the perfect green patina, I knew I wanted to create a rustic Christmas tree. I used wire to attach berries and greenery from a wild vine.

Repurposed Rake Head Christmas tree

I had considered decorating the rustic rake head with ornaments or other Christmas-y decor, but opted to keep the garden tool authentic by using the natural elements and topping it with a single star.

Repurposed Rake Head Christmas tree

The original hole in the handle was perfect for attaching this metal star.

Repurposed Rake Head Christmas tree

Here's how it looks on my back door! (Hung with a magnetic hook.)

Repurposed Rake Head Christmas tree

My Thrift Store Addiction

Please join me on Monday for the Thanksgiving Tablescape hop! Since I'm not hosting for the holiday, I'll be sharing something a little different...

Thanksgiving Tablescape hop

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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