Tea Cups and Lace: Friday's Find #211

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! This week's fabulous find happens to be two of my favorite things, because they remind me of my grandmother: vintage tea cups and lace. Lavender was her favorite color and I remember she had several floral tea cups in shades of purple. I love the delicate pansies featured on this one.  Available

vintage tea cups and lace

Mo-maw was a talented seamstress and also very skilled with her crochet hook. Lace doilies were plentiful at her house. Isn't this one lovely?  Available

vintage tea cups and lace

I picked up this Golden 50 Year Anniversary cup thinking it would make a nice gift to celebrate someone's milestone. However, when I got it home, I found the tiniest crack in the very bottom of the cup that I had overlooked in the store. Live and learn!  I have discounted the price, perhaps a collector will display it decoratively.  Available

decorative vintage Golden Anniversary tea cup

I also found two beautiful vintage crocheted collars. The first is absolutely pristine. Available

vintage lace collars

I prefer the style of the second, though it does have several small discolored spots and is priced accordingly.  Maybe someone will give it some tender loving care! Available

vintage crocheted collar

My last find of the week isn't a tea cup or lace, but a set of sweet handmade fabric apples. These could be used to create a fun teacher's gift or even as cute pin cushions. Drop by Sunday to see how I used the one I kept ;)  Available

handmade fabric apples

My Thrift Store Addiction

vintage tea cups and lace

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Lovely teacups and such pretty crochet by Mo-maw! I love that name. My kiddies call my mother Mee-maw! So endearing.

  2. I love that pansy teacup! Have you ever tried RetroClean for soaking out stains in vintage linens?

  3. Cecilia,
    I've never seen a teacup with pansies! I may need to buy it! It makes me want to pull out my teacup shelf and paint it, hang it up and display all my teacups. So pretty!

  4. I had to stop buying teacups now that I don't have a booth. My collection overruns the cabinet they are in. Love the ones you found.

    1. Thank you for sharing your vintage finds at Snickerdoodle.

  5. I love the doily! Such a beautiful display

  6. Love this week's finds. Seldom drink tea from a teacup but they are so delicate and drinking tea from a cup is more restful; I take the time to enjoy it rahter than mug chugging! Have you ever tried tea-dying stained doilies/collars? I never have--but when I do try it, I'll have nothing to lose! At least with a doily, you can put something on top of the stain!I have only collected a few teacups, turn most around but I am partial to violets and my pink roses, 1 shamrock one.

  7. Real pretty teacup ... and looks lovely on the doily. My Mom and sister crocheted a lot of collars, most of which I still have. Wore them a lot of times.
    Audrey Z.

  8. Great finds! I love the first collar - so delicate! I really like the green edged doily too. I have done the same thing with cups and saucers. I TRY to look very closely but sometimes you do miss a flaw but they are still nice for display. I like to put tea lights in the 'flawed' ones or use them for rings, etc.

  9. Hi Cecilia, Hope you are in a safe area from Hurricane Harvey; don't know where you are in TX and am weak on geography anyway. Stay safe and dry. Prayers are with you all.


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