Friday's Find #179

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Winter is upon us and even though our Texas weather has been mild, I couldn't resist these fun handmade mittens. I love the colors and have a project in mind...

Handmade thrift store mittens

Actually, I can do without the snow but I have plans for these stackable wooden cubes! 

Thrift store finds

I also found a few supplies  to to tweak my organization skills--perfect for the new year. I'm partial to florals and there are several places I could put these divided boxes to use. 

organization with thrift store finds

I'll use this basket for creative storage as well. I'm curious, does anyone know its original use? The sturdy metal is quite heavy and it has a real industrial feel to it.

industrial metal basket

Last, are these pieces of Royal China in the Old Curiosity Shop pattern; three plates and a bowl in excellent condition. Available

Vintage Old Curiosity Shop dishes

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Lovely finds. I think your heavy wire basket is a trash can from the time when the industrial look was prominent in decorating.

  2. I agree with Carole, probably a trash can. Love your finds as always. I always look forward to your Friday finds. I'm dying to see what you do to the blocks and mittens (I think I had a similar pair growing up!). It's freezing this morning. No snow or sleet just bone-biting cold wind. Stay warm!

  3. Love those cute mittens! What will you do with those, and like the blocks too. I hope it snows...we've been promised some, but it's still iffy.

  4. It is always fun to see what has caught your eye! I'm taking a month off of buying and trying to downsize some things.

  5. I'm ready to get out and dig around and see what I can find. Hopefully I can go to an estate sale coming up this month

    All your finds are good ones

  6. Love that wire basket. Looks like a retro trash can to me. Love the colour combo of those divided boxes. So pretty!

  7. Our weather has not allowed for garage sales or going anywhere much!

  8. We are hoping for snow here but it keeps missing us! Love the Let it Snow blocks....I have that sentiment all around my house. I think the metal basket was a trash can too!

  9. Red and white mittens?? Oh dreamy!! :)

  10. As always, Cecilia ... very interesting finds and you amaze me that you have plans for them even before you buy. The mittens are really cute ... anxious to see your plans. Love the metal basket. Could be for trash, but with it being so open ...the sturdy handles and heavy wire ... I am thinking it might be a potato, apple or any fruit picking basket unless it is smaller than what it looks.
    Stay warm.
    Audrey Z.

  11. Fun the cute mittens! Great basket...I can't tell the height, but it looks like a trash basket. It could be for laundry if it is a bigger size. Whatever it is, it's wonderful!

  12. Love the blocks and the basket! Maybe the basket is to hold fruits and veggies??

  13. Those are great finds and I love the mittens.
    Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J. :)

  14. What neat finds!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  15. I automatically assumed that basket was for laundry. Think it would be gorgeous with bath towels rolled up and stood on end. Veggies in my cellar like squashes, potatoes, and onions would let me see a bad spot starting! I love baskets--for everything! Gotta check out your mitten post!


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