Upcycled Bottles as Craft Storage

Greetings Friends! Today I'm sharing another way to upcycle bottles rather than tossing them. For those of you who are into DIY and/or crafts, they are the perfect solution for all of those small supplies and remnants...

Upcycled bottle craft storage

While I consider the garden my muse and creative playground, I still need an indoor space to create and store my craft stash.  During my first year of blogging, I shared a post about how I organized and created storage in the small room, I call The Nest. You can read more about it here.  

Decorative craft storage
The Nest craft storage 2013 

Fast forward almost three years later and clutter has crept in--time for a change!

Conquer the clutter
May 2016: Time to tackle the clutter! 

It's a small room, but I still had some vertical space I could utilize.  I hung two matching shelves that I found 50% off at Finds.  Awhile back, I spray painted a bunch of the lids from my bottle surplus, gold.  Storing all of the little bits and pieces in the clear bottles really does make it easy to see what I might use at a glance, as opposed to digging through a basket. In case you are curious, the clock is burlap and I found it 75% off several years ago--it's one of my favorites! 

Upcycled bottle craft storage

I really thought I took a photo of the empty shelves on the wall. Of course, it was only after I added everything and organized that I realized they were nowhere to be found! Does this happen to anyone else?  I'm sure you can picture them before, right? Can you believe I was able to hang them "as is"--no makeover necessary and I love the scalloped edges.  Here's a view of both shelves and more storage. The aqua mason jars I found on clearance ages ago and saved for "a special project." They hold items that were too wide to fit in the upcycled bottles and they're special now ;) 

Creative craft storage

I am fond of vintage pink Gooseberry Pyrex and while the color isn't right in my kitchen, it's perfect in this room, so I use the pieces I've collected for more craft storage. The pink birdcage hangs from the ceiling, so that gives you an idea of how high the shelves are, but I can still reach what I need without a step stool.  

Vintage and upcycled mixed for creative storage

You may be wondering about the rest of the room and over the next several weeks, I'll be revealing more projects and updates, so stay tuned!

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  1. I LOVE it!! It is so nice to re-use rather than throw out. I am collecting spice bottles for buttons and bead storage in my craft space. Have not decided on a lid color yet :)

  2. Love the colors in your room! I love the clock too...what a wonderful bargain at 75% off...why no one snatched that up is beyond me.

  3. I use large, see-through vitamin bottles to store buttons, etc.

  4. I keep a lot of my craft supplies in jars and bottles. They are great since you can always see what you have on hand. Yours look so pretty on the shelf.

  5. I love this idea. Reminds me of all of my mom's old buttons jars. I could play with them for hours when I was little.

  6. Looks really good Cecilia. Using the vertical space is so smart and looks really good too. Being organized is the key to keeping it neat ... (at least for a while).
    Have a great week.
    Audrey Z.

  7. Yes, I've had that happen with my photos...not sure if they got lost or I just thought I took them. Sigh. Love that you can see what you have and using something that would be thrown away makes it even better! Those shelves and clock were great finds. Very cool!
    Hope you have a great week!

  8. Wow, those pretty bottles make great, organized storage! And that pink Pyrex is perfect for additional craft items. Looks terrific!

  9. Such pretty bottles and they are being put to such good use!
    Great idea:)


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