DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow

Greetings Friends! It's that time of year when I refresh my outdoor space.  When you can't find that specific something pictured in your mind, do you DIY? That happens to me a lot and today I'm sharing my latest endeavor, a whimsical stenciled pillow...

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow Create a stenciled bee pillow with paint and Sharpies

Between my rosemary bushes and blue sage, my yard is full of pollinators which is good for the garden. However, this year I've been seeing bee home decor everywhere--have you noticed it too? Target has a really cute bee pillow that I first saw on Renaissance Mermaid when Julie shared her charming casual porch. Of course, it wasn't available at the nearest Target and while I considered ordering it online, the light color gave me pause. Mine will be uncovered outdoors and I've learned from experience that light colored fabrics don't fare well. Did I mention my garden has as many birds as it does bees? You get the idea! Inspired to make my own version, but not being a freehand paint kind of girl, the search began for a bee stencil.  I found just what I was looking for at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. Funny shopping story, when I was there the stencil aisle was being stocked. Two employees, both with large carts crowded the area so I left my basket on another aisle while I looked.  As I browsed the stencils, a teenage employee asked if he could help me find something. I explained that I was looking for a bee stencil. His response was to point me in the direction of the alphabet stencils and inform me that I couldn't buy "just a B, but would need to buy the whole stencil." Seriously? About that time, he noticed the bee stencil in my hand and we had a good little laugh. 

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow How to stencil a bee pillow with paint and Sharpies

Next, I found not one, but two of these outdoor striped pillows at Ross for $7 each. Perfect! Also FYI, Walmart has some cute $5 outdoor pillows. The only difference is theirs are square and I really wanted the lumbar shape.

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow How to stencil an inexpensive outdoor pillow with paint and Sharpies

Now I was ready to stencil!  Conveniently, the pillow had a zipper case, so I unzipped it and placed wax paper inside to keep the paint from soaking through the fabric to the pillow.

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow Use wax paper between fabric and pillow when stenciling to keep paint from soaking through

Next, I used masking tape to secure the stencil and painted most of the sections with yellow craft paint. 

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow How to stencil a bee on an outdoor pillow

I love the honeycomb and it will be fun for a future project, but for these pillows I wanted just the bee.  After I  finished the yellow, I used an extra fine point Sharpie for the legs and to outline, then filled in with a regular point, as seen below.

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow How to stencil an outdoor pillow with paint and Sharpies

Almost finished, but wanted to add one last thing.  The fine sharpies work really well for small  lettering stencils like this one, too.

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow How to stencil an outdoor pillow with paint and Sharpies

Here's a close up of how it looks after I used Sharpies to outline the wings and add buzz!

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow Stenciled outdoor bee pillow, buzz!

Bee-utiful! Plus, I was able to make two for the price of one! (Target's is $19.99.) 

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow Stenciled outdoor bee pillow, buzz!

The colors are perfect with my bright outdoor furniture.  Remember the adirondack chair I purchased last spring? As promised, it hasn't faded or been affected by our harsh summers, in the least! Read more about it here.

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow How to stencil an outdoor pillow with paint and Sharpies

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow Thank you for pinning!

DIY Stenciled Bee Pillow How to stencil an outdoor pillow with paint and Sharpies: PIN
I would love to hear about your latest DIY projects!

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  1. That is just adorable! Such a cute idea and so easy with your tutorial.

  2. That is cute Cecilia! Great idea about using the wax paper.

  3. So cute Cecilia. Fun pillow ... love the green stripes and lumbar pillows are more comfortable, especially for that type of chair. I would have been tempted to add a lot of bees as that one is so pretty. Hope you made some good sales this week-end.
    Audrey Z.

  4. That's very cute, Cecilia. I'm thinking it would look very cute at the "B" farm. 😉 Think Ross might be calling me. Lol.
    Too funny about the employee thinking you meant the alphabet stencil.

  5. Well...that is just a sweet little pillow for your blue chair! If you can't buy it then make it! Nice job :)

  6. So cute! I recently bought a bee and beehive stencil at Michael's. I loved it but I paid $6 after my 40% off coupon! I think you got a deal, and a really cute pillow!

  7. Oh my gosh I have the same pouf! (Two of them, actually!) I bought them for outside but we ended up using them inside! Your pillow is beyond adorable! I'm a huge bee fan as well. I use them a lot in my jewelry:) xoKathleen

  8. Very sweet and perfect for summer. I love that you stenciled on a patterned pillow. Interesting. I haven't seen that before and I like it!

  9. How cute!! I'm so impressed that you made your own and it's just what you want. The colors are adorable. :)

  10. So clever and cute! Thank you for being a lovely flower that joined our garden party.


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