A Celebration of Motherhood

Happy Mother's Day, sweet Friends! Today I want to honor motherhood in all of its glory ~ whether your house is full of toddlers, 'tweens, and teens or the nest is empty. For single moms, stepmoms, moms-to-be and honorary moms, I celebrate you and the calling on your life... 

A Celebration of Motherhood mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com ...a mother carries us in her heart.
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My sweet friend Carly brought me the gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses and our favorite indulgence, dark chocolate salted caramel!  We meet weekly for Bible study and have grown extremely close. This young lady is one of the most devoted mothers I know. She also happens to be a stepmom, which brings its own set of challenges.  I've read from others who have faced the insensitive comments or lack of insight associated with being the full time parent of a nonbiological child. I applaud Carly and other stepmoms out there ~ Happy Mother's Day to you! 

A Celebration of Motherhood mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com No way to be a perfect mom but a million ways to be a good one
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I've mentioned my mother and the blessing of our recent mother daughter trip. See it here. The older I get, the more I appreciate her.  Mom's birthday is close to Mother's Day and she seems to have everything which can make gift giving a challenge! Last weekend, I found the perfect little something at the lavender festival, a wine bottle plant charm.  She loved it ~ Happy Mother's Day, Mom! 

A Celebration of Motherhood mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

You can read more about my trip to last year's festival here. Here's a few highlights from this year's festival. The market has just about any kind of lavender sachet, soap or lotion you can imagine and it smells heavenly! I was taken with the pretty repurposed plate flowers featured in the bottom right corner. They were so lovely with the sunlight shining through the glass! 

A Celebration of Motherhood mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Highlights from the lavender festival

Have you ever had an honorary mother in your life? What a blessing these spiritual moms can be! If you are in the season of life where you minister to younger women, bless you! 

A Celebration of Motherhood mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Mother: One person who does the work of twenty, for free!
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If you follow my blog, you know that I raised my three kids as a single parent. Read about it here.  While I was blessed to have a supportive family that visited and came for special events in my children's lives, I didn't have family that lived near by. Fortunately, I had several people from church who acted as a support system.  If there is a single mom in your life, consider how you might help. Taking the kids for an evening or an afternoon could be a Godsend--even superheroes need help sometimes ;) 

A Celebration of Motherhood mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com I'm a single mom, what's your superpower?
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I know many of you have lost your dear mothers and Mother's Day is bittersweet. The same holds true when when a grown child is estranged.  I've been there and pray for your comfort and encouragement today. 

A Celebration of Motherhood mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Mothers hold their child's hearts for a lifetime
Author Unknown

If you are an expectant mom or motherhood is a desire yet to be fulfilled, hang on...your adventure is only beginning! 

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  1. Very thoughtful and inclusive post. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you, Cecilia. What a beautiful post! I've had some amazing women in my life at various times that mothered me as needed. I am extremely grateful to them. Hugs,

  3. Happy Mother's day Cecilia. Enjoyed your beautiful post. Your yellow roses are beautiful as is your friend Carly.
    Audrey Z.

  4. My best friend and I have known each other since 1966 in high school and her daughter consider me her other mother. Her family built a home 6 miles from me and I am Nana Rose to her 2 kids. They are so good to me and I help out doing babysitting when needed. They include me in holidays and some family outings. I always receive a mothers day card from them!

  5. What a nice tribute to all and any mothers out there! I do have an honorary, or I call, a spiritual Mom for the last 20 years. More of what I think of as a Mom than my biological one. I also know a lot of women who never could have children but wanted them. We are all touched by motherhood in some way or another and are blessed by this special call from God.

  6. I hope your day was lovely!!

  7. Sweet friend, this was such a beautiful tribute to all mothers...you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing such lovely, heartfelt words.

    I hope your Mother's Day was extra special. Hugs to you!

  8. I think mom's are super heroes and especially single moms - I don't know how you did it.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Beautiful post Cecilia, hope your Mother's Day was the best :)


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