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Greetings Friends!  Spring is the busiest and my most productive time in the garden. While I often share updates to my vintage Etsy shop, I rarely mention my organic herb shop. I've just added some new handmade gifts from the garden and I'm excited to share them with you! 

Glorious Garden Gifts Organic dried blue sage bouquet available at Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs

Are you surprised that the bouquet above is not lavender? Though there is a strong resemblance when both are dried, this is actually blue sage. It's the first year I've dried it for bouquets and I'm loving it!  I've been gathering as much as I can because the bloom won't be as vibrant during the summer months. Back in my pre-blogging days, a bridal photo shoot was held in the garden. The wedding designer used a lot of lavender in the staging but because the blue sage in bloom was so vibrant, the photographer had the bride stand right in the midst of it. Great call on her part, as you can see below!

Glorious Garden Gifts Wedding photo shoot at Secret Garden Herbs

Next, it seems that fairy garden love is here to stay. So why not delight someone with a real fairy rose that can be worn? A tiny pink rosebud from my organic miniature fairy rose bush is encased in a miniature apothecary tube and hung from your choice of a ribbon or hemp cord. AVAILABLE

Glorious Garden Gifts Handmade fairy rose necklace available at Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs

For those interested in drying herbs with limited space to do so, I've created a hanging herb drying rack repurposed from a vintage wooden pants hanger. Instead of hanging pants, just insert herb bundles!  I've also added vintage lace and stenciled Herbs. (Herbs sold separately.) AVAILABLE

Glorious Garden Gifts Repurposed hanging herb drying rack available at Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs

It could be used for drying garden flowers as well, like this version. AVAILABLE

Glorious Garden Gifts Repurposed hanging flower drying rack available at Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs

When I first opened Secret Garden Herbs, I photographed a set of upcycled keys in my garden for my shop icon. To set my shop apart, I added one of the keys to each of my listing photos. I am genuinely surprised by how often my Secret Garden key is requested! Though I haven't found an exact replica, I did find these vintage inspired metal keys when I visited Canton and I upcycled them to give them an antique green patina.  AVAILABLE

Glorious Garden Gifts Hand painted Secret Garden inspired key available at Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs

Glorious Garden Gifts Thank you for pinning!

Glorious Garden Gifts Handmade organic garden gifts available at Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs

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  1. These are beautiful items, Cecilia.

  2. Beautiful way to preserve the beauty of Spring. I had not thought about drying the blue sage, but will try it. Mine, at the Rental house are such a different blue that ones at my house. Also have white. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Audrey Z.

  3. Cecelia, it was the key that captured my imagination at first glance. Such a pretty piece and clever way to distinquish your shop. I like to keep a bundle of lavender in my guest rooms. They would make a sweet May Day gift. '-)

  4. I love the look of lavender but not the smell (I know, I know, I must be in the minority on that one!) Never heard of blue sage, wonder if it will thrive in the midwest? Such a lovely wedding photo! Great idea to use the old pants hangers for dried flowers! I usually have hydrangeas tied together with string and hanging all over my house wherever I can find a spot (cabinet knobs, mostly!)I think I still have some of those old hangars (remember using them growing up) so maybe I'll give it a try! xo Kathleen

  5. Beautiful post Cecilia--I love seeing all your herbs and flowers--just so lovely. The pant hanger to herb/flower drying is such a great idea. Hope you have a great week :)

  6. Everything is beautiful, my friend. The hangers for holding herbs are delightful!

    Happy May Day! Hugs!

  7. Cecelia,
    LOVE the use of the hangers!! Great idea!! Tanks so much for stopping by!!


  8. I LOVE this idea of using a decorated hanger for drying. Beautiful post and photos! Thank you for sharing at Talk of the Town.

  9. So pretty and I can almost smell the herbs ;). Thank you for linking up to the Talk of the Town link party!

  10. Love the bridal picture. I bet she was happy with that unique shot. It totally looks vintage, too! I also love sage and just planted some this week. I can't seem to get lavender to grow here, but all varieties of sage thrives. Now I'll know what to do with some of those blooms! Thanks again for hosting the Vintage Charm party and for selecting my phonograph as the Feature of the month. I was truly stunned you chose it because there are so many great posts each week. I'm always in awe of people's creativity and talent, and I love seeing and being inspired by these posts each week. Hope you have a great day!

  11. Girlllll...that pants hanger for herbs! GENIUS. Love it so much- thanks for linking up to Talk of the Town!

  12. Cecilia, this is beautiful! Your photos are styled so perfectly and I love the way you used the hangers to dry plants. Smart girl! Pinned and pinned. :)

    Thanks for joining Thoughts of Home.

  13. Love all of these beautiful photos and items!!! The key, an extra special touch!

  14. Cecilia, I am lovin' those garden herb hangers! Thank you for linking up with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)


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