Salt, Cement and Seeds...Oh My!

Greetings Friends! At my house, gathering to watch It's a Wonderful Life was a Christmas tradition. Now, you may be wondering why I am bringing up holiday traditions in the heat of July. The classic movie is chock-full of wonderful quotes and one of my favorites is from Donna Reed's character, Mary. "Bread that this house may never know hunger, wine that joy and prosperity may reign and salt that life may always have flavor." Don't you love it? Today I'm sharing several of my latest garden projects and the first is--you guessed it--salt!

etsy Secret Garden Herbs rosemary salt

Rosemary salt, that is. It's that time of summer when I begin the process of harvesting herbs for drying. This year, I've added my organic rosemary to natural sea salt to concoct a flavorful blend that I'm quite proud of. It's available in these 4 oz canning jars and I even created a pretty custom label. They're the perfect size as a "pinch" jar. For the first week, I'm offering an introductory price of $5 per jar--no coupon is needed, just click here! My special salt blend is mixed fresh upon order, so for anyone interested in taking advantage of the sale price for Christmas presents, go ahead and order the desired number and if you prefer, I can schedule shipping closer to the holidays. {I schedule and ship wedding orders the same way.}

Secret Garden Herbs organic rosemary sea salt blend

Speaking of weddings, I've been working with a few brides to create these sweet wedding favors.. They are also available with a classic monogram seal.

Secret Garden Herbs wedding favors

Once upon a time, prior to blogging and even before Secret Garden Herbs, I crafted these hand stamped concrete garden stones for my own garden and for Christmas gifts one year. I've really enjoyed mine--the oregano stone is actually about ten years old and I love its weathered patina. Stones can be personalized with any herb, veggie or flower name or the date or other sentiment to commemorate a special event. Wouldn't it be fun to add the name of each child or grandchild? They are available in natural or terracotta small, medium and  large.

Secret Garden Herbs stamped cement garden stones

When my dear friend lost her beloved little dog recently, I made her a simple memorial stone. This turned out to be even more meaningful to her than I could have imagined. Unknown to me, she had actually looked into purchasing something similar but was shocked to discover how expensive pet memorials can be. 

Secret Garden Herbs pet memorial

With that in mind, I decided to offer these as a simple alternative for those desiring to honor pets that have passed. They are available in natural or terracotta, medium or large.

Secret Garden Herbs pet memorial

Last, there are several types of seeds available from my garden: Moon Flower, Basil and Blue Sage.  All seeds include free shipping! 

Secret Garden Herbs seeds

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Secret Garden Herbs organic rosemary sea salt

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  1. Oh Cecilia! These are wonderful additions to your shop! I'm going to order some later today. The salt sounds so good and I love moonflowers, blue sage and basil! Adorable signs too - about how big are they?

  2. This is awesome Cecilia! I hope you have huge success with each of these!

  3. I am totally in love with the personalized stones! I would love one for each grandchild for my garden. How very unique and special!

  4. I second what Cecilia B. above says ... "wonderful additions to your shop". So different and so unique. I don't have pets, but I think the personalized stones for the passing of pets are very nice and so affordable. These should be good sellers for you.
    Keep cool.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  5. I love the pet memorial stones and Ann Marie's idea of using stones for her grandkids in her garden. Wonderful idea.

  6. I love that quote too, and have given wine, bread and salt to everyone moving into a new house for years. Nice additions to your shop. Your rosemary salt sounds wonderful.

  7. Your salt looks lovely! And garden stones are a wonderful way to commemorate all kinds of things. Good luck with all your new shop items! xoKathleen

  8. Your shop is one of my favorites and now the memorial stones! I just ordered one for a blog friend who lost her beloved dog a few days after my sweet Charlie passed. She has planted a memorial garden and this will be perfect in it. I will be ordering some salt and a stone of my own~ Wonderful and a big thank you.

  9. When do you find time to shop, garden and create all this awesome stuff?

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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