Friday's Find #156

TGITF Friends! After a hectic schedule last week, I'd promised myself I was going to stay home Friday and get some work done.  Then just before I went to bed Thursday night, a Facebook yard sale post caught my eye. You probably know where this is headed..., it wasn't just any old yard sale and what caught my eye was a picture of this St. Francis statue. The photo was at a distance and it was of a table crammed full of stuff so I couldn't really see any details. I thought the statue might be resin but I decided it was worth an early morning dash to the sale.  I'd been on the look out for a St. Francis ever since I visited the charming little chapel in the woods and fell in love with this blessing: 

I spied him as soon as I parked my car and was delighted to see he appeared to be concrete. My next thought was that I might have to ask beg the seller to hold him for me, because I only had $3 cash--remember I hadn't planned on going to any sales! I rushed over and sure enough, he was solid concrete and just what I had imagined for my garden and I bet you can guess how much he cost ;) Yep, $3! He's right at home in the ivy and I was inspired to create these stamped prayer garden stones.

St. Francis statue

Here's a closer look and I have these available now also. Thanks to all who sent kind comments and placed orders for my salt, cement and seeds! Y'all are the best and I am blessed! 

Secret Garden Herbs stamped cement stones

Now for the rest of this week's finds! Would you believe on my way home from that sale, I found this? I also told myself that I wouldn't buy any more carts because even though they are super handy, I already have 2 in the garden and one inside...but it was $1! One. Dollar. Sometimes willpower is overrated--don't you think? My other vintage carts have all been made over with a retro vibe, but I have something different in mind for this one.

vintage utility cart

In my opinion, vintage cookie cutters are a welcome addition to any kitchen and this copper trio is especially nice. Available

copper cookie cutters

Love the beautiful embroidery on this pristine pillowcase! Besides sleeping on them, I use vintage pillowcases for a pretty storage solution.  Available

vintage pillowcase

Lovely set of Enoch Wedgwood Tunstall Limited Countryside saucers, made in England from the 1960s. Vintage transferware creates such a gorgeous display. Available

Enoch Wedgwood Tunstall Ltd Countryside dishes

Remember, there's still a few days left  of my Christmas in July sale!
etsy Thrift Store Addiction

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Lovely finds C! I love your St Francis statue and the poem!

  2. Oh the St. Francis is fab and perfect in the garden. I'm trying to not buy much right now but you know how that goes!!

  3. That statue was obviously meant to be yours! Fabulous finds!

  4. OH it was meant to come to you, Cecelia! I love the blessing, too...

  5. OK I'm insanely jealous of the bar cart. And I have an affinity for St. Francis as well so I'm glad you ended up getting him! xokathleen

  6. :o $3 for the statue and $1 for the cart? Shut-up!! That's too perfect. And I'm insanely jealous. Haha. No, those are really great finds. Glad you caved in and went.

  7. I love when that happens! St. Francis was waiting for you and was meant for your garden. He looks right at home with your garden stones. I am absolutely loving my grandchildren stones!

  8. I also have 2 carts similar to yours. I believe they are a porcelain finish. They do have a few chips. Im wondering what I need to do, to prepare them before painting. What kind of paint would you recommend ?

  9. Love your St. Francis and the garden stones ... what a great deal. I am always so tempted to buy those kitchen utility carts, but no place in my kitchen for one. I just cleaned and rearranged our patio so maybe I should put one out there. Anxious to see how you fix that one up.

  10. Well if you ask me, that statue was meant to be in your garden Cecilia! The garden stones are just perfect. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. I love it all! Especially a prayer garden-- Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! :)


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