Friday's Find #154

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends!  Last weekend I went to a yard sale full of antiques. There were lots of pretties to behold, but my eyes landed on this starfish. When I picked it up, the owner told me it was very old, probably thinking that would seal the deal for me. Truth be told, in my mind, it was sold as soon as I saw it. There are times when I just know something is meant to come home with me.  Do you ever feel that way? 


I love the large size and markings and something about it just has a soothing effect on me. I may not make it to the beach this summer, but I can still enjoy coastal accents at home. The next few finds are from a school rummage sale:  

Isn't the needlepoint on this hanger so lovely? Available

Vintage embroidered hanger

When I saw this little miniature terracotta mushroom house, I was instantly reminded of the Gnome Sweet Home created with Ginger Grand. I do love terracotta in the garden and the details on this one like windows and a chimney will make a charming fairy garden or gnome home.  Available

Gnome home

I think these hand painted ladybug gift boxes are adorable and was tempted to keep them, but they are Available

Ladybug boxes

At first glance I thought this hand was a cookie cutter, but I've never seen one with a looped end like this before.  Anyone know? I have a possible project in mind for it that doesn't involve cookies ;) 

Hand cookie cutter

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. Could the hand be a glove form? Lovely finds! Love the coat hanger!

  2. Fun finds. Maybe the red hand is a scarf holder?

  3. I'm always like, "What did Cecilia find this week?" and this week does not disappoint! I adore the fairy/gnome house. Trying to decide how bad I want it! All great items but I'm not sure what the hand is for. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    1. PS
      I forgot - the starfish is fantastic! I would have snatched that up too.

  4. I love all natural history sorts of things like starfish and shells--great find!

  5. With my love of the shore I would have jumped on the starfish too! Glad you got a good haul! Have a great weekend! Xo kathleen

  6. Interesting finds Cecilia ... really like the starfish.

  7. Vecelia,
    LOVE all your finds and they all would look great in my house!! LOL!! Thanks so muchf or all your visits! Have a wonderful weekend!!


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