When the Path Before You is Unclear... Proverbs 3:5-6

Greetings Friends! Before my post today, I just had to share who was hanging out at my house! If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen multiple photos of this baby deer who found a resting place in my front yard, tucking its feet under and sometimes even sleeping with its chin down on the ground. On the first day I took a photo, it never moved, even when I worked in the area for awhile. At first I was concerned it might be ill, as one this size usually travels with Momma, and it was still a little wobbly on its legs. However, I've since seen it frolicking in the neighborhood and it seems to be fine.  Sweet little fawn! 

Baby deer

I've been busy in the back garden again and there is something about working outdoors in the midst of nature that makes me more aware of spiritual truths evident in simple everyday tasks. The first scripture I ever memorized was Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight. I think there is also a translation that reads ...He will direct your path. To this day, it is one of my very favorites and it has encouraged me countless times. So...when the main path in my garden had become almost completely overgrown by my bountiful rosemary, I was reminded of this verse in a very literal sense--I had a path that needed directing! In this photo of the far end of the path, there are stepping stones still visible.

Garden arch and rosemary lined path

However, here and as was the case for most of the long path, the rosemary had grown completely over the stepping stones, and since they had originally been placed in the middle, the path had pretty much been eliminated. Why not trim the rosemary back? Seems like the logical solution or so I thought when I spent hours last spring cutting bags full of rosemary, but by fall it was growing back with a vengeance! Great for my herb business, but a little perplexing for landscaping...

Garden rosemary

It seems hard to imagine that literally moving the path over would end up being a better solution, but in fact that is just what I found to be true!  Though it was time consuming, it was actually less strenuous than all of the previous trimming. I used a hoe, to push, pull and scoot the heavy stones out from under the rosemary to the new middle of the path. Then, I repeated the same process to move the large rocks bordering the path. As Favorite Son says, "Work smarter, not harder!" As I worked, I contemplated how often I may have the tendency to jump to an assumption about the easiest solution to a problem, only to later realize it wasn't the best solution. Can you relate?

How to move a garden path

Now you can see the moved border rocks and stepping stones in relation to the rosemary. Uh-oh! I realized a wild tree that had recently sprung up inside the old border was now another obstacle in my repositioned path. As is often the case in my project world, one thing leads to another! 

How to move a garden path

Don't let the small size fool you--I trimmed all of the branches down to the ground but this sucker had some deep roots! It took as much time digging and working to get it out as all of the other work combined.  

Removing tree roots

Success at last! The angle of the photo is a little unclear, I'm holding the tree roots after finally digging them out. See my red garden glove?

How to remove tree roots

Now for some pretty afters! Here's a view walking toward the garden gate. 

Beautiful garden paths

Going the opposite direction, I created a curve in the new course of the path so it will still wind under the arch.

Beautiful garden paths

Why, yes that is more rosemary on the other side of the arch! 

Secret Garden Herbs

I took these photos mid morning when the path and the front part of the garden were in filtered sunlight. Beyond the arch the rest of the garden is in full sunlight and I rather like the effect.

Secret Garden Herbs organic rosemary plants

A lesson from my garden: figuratively or literally, my hope is that I'm willing to change any paths in my life that need redirecting.  

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  1. Cecilia, it's beautiful! And yes, I completely understand what removing that root encompassed. I helped my sister remove one similar in size from her garden. Very satisfying work once finished, but boy, what a job! I bet you're sure enjoying your strolls through the garden now, rightfully so. Happy Sunday.

  2. What a lovely place all your hard work has created. That little fawn is so sweet.

  3. Sweet post Cecilia! The little fawn is brave. You did a lot of work, and that tree root was humongous.

  4. I am not a gardener as have allergy and sensitivity problems to so much. So I have a frind who is a landscaper who has created and maintains my wonderful gatdens.

  5. You garden is looking lovely and happy that you have a little fawn in your yard. Hope he was there when your Ginger Grand was visiting. We have had little babies left in our yard almost every year, but have not seen any in a couple of years. One stayed for two weeks and would come up on our patio. His Mamma came to feed him every day, but he stayed with us. Your message is so important right now when so many people need to redirect their path in this troubled times. I am sure many will just choose to stay on the path of hate and destruction. So SAD !!!

  6. Your garden is amazing. I'm sure that it is lots of work but so rewarding. Thank you for the inspirational thoughts today. xx Jo

  7. Beautiful post with a wonderful message! We constantly need to be redirected to the path the Lord has for us. I love your garden path!

  8. Love that Scripture too and what a powerful lesson! Your garden looks great and I'm loving the new pathway! Jealous of your Rosemary. I keep killing mine. Boo.
    Btw, I've really enjoyed my fresh rosemary and thyme you gave me. Makes for yummy dinners!

  9. What a really sweet little visitor!!

  10. Look at that sweet little fawn! We have had two deer visit us several mornings and evenings lately. It is a joy to sit and watch them munch on the grass. Your garden is lovely and I especially like your snazzy gardening boots!
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  11. The fawn didn't even look real! :) how sweet!

    your garden/yard is looking fabulous. It's never-ending, isn't i? I feel like I'll never be finished with the outdoor projects.
    thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town Cecilia.

  12. Cecilia- this is a beautiful post.
    And yes, I can relate.
    It is about being willing to turn things over and I am good at hanging on tight :)

  13. Such a beautiful and thought inspiring post. I adore that wee fawn. Thank you so very much for linking up this week at Thoughts of Home on Thursday! We love the special sparkle that you add to the gathering.

  14. I thought the fawn was a garden ornament. Glad it's on it's feet and doing well. What a beautiful yard and inspiring message!
    Marie, The Interior Frugalista

  15. That is a lot of yard to maintain.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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