Upcycled Mint Box Herb Seed Tins

Happy Monday, Friends! I have been on a mission to streamline my herb seed orders. Today I'm sharing how I upcycled yard sale mint boxes to create herb seed storage tins... 

upcycled mint box herb tins

Last month, I shared an upcycled floral basket to organize the cards I use to send my Secret Garden Herbs seeds. Then on Friday, I posted how I repurposed a French tart pan as a seed tray  for sorting.  Long before the pandemic, I bought a ziplock bag full of mint tins at a yard sale for .50, and last year, I repurposed one as a gift card box for Ginger Grand. 

upcycled mint box herb tins

I have been wanting to create a prettier and more efficient way to store my harvested seed pods. However, you could use these upcycled tins to store a variety of small items like small sewing notions or jewelry-making crafts. Just stencil your pretty storage accordingly! 

upcycled mint box herb tins
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Ready to make your own? Start by raiding your craft stash! From the tins themselves to the spray paint, stencil, and dollar store decal pictured below, I had all of these items on hand. Next, spray paint your tins. After they dry, use a makeup wedge to stencil the top of the lid. Last, embellish with decals, stickers, or more stenciled design and fill with desired contents! 

upcycled mint box herb tins

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upcycled mint box herb tins

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  1. These are adorable. Never seen them here in Maine; I love vintage tins; I have a shelf full! I have seen similar ones used to make dollhouse medicine cabinets; mirror on the lid, shelves inside. "Shelves" could be dividers for jewelry to pack for a weekend away, too. So many uses for them!


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