15 Minute Gift Card Box Upcycle

Happy Monday, Friends! Today I have a fun upcycle to personalize gift card giving. My simple tutorial includes tips for decorating both the inside and outside of the container. You can probably shop your home for the supplies, plus you can craft it in just 15 minutes...

My sweet Ginger Grand celebrated his 8th birthday this past weekend! As an only child and the only grandchild on both sides of the family, gift giving can become a challenge. You may remember, a few years ago, I came up with a fun gift card birthday badge.

birthday badge gift card holder

Ginger Grand still loves gift cards and like most kids that age, rarely says no to a snack, so I came up with an idea to create a snack attack gift. I decided to make a special gift card container that he could repurpose after he used the gift card. Want to make your own? Start by painting a small tin--mint tins that would usually be discarded are the perfect size for gift cards. I chose chalkboard paint so GG could write on it after he spends the gift card. (I used two coats.) Next, once the paint dries, personalize the tin with the the recipient's name, age--whatever you like.  

15 minute upcycled gift card tin

To make it more special, decorate the inside too...

15 minute upcycled gift card tin

Raid your craft stash to find small remnants for upcycling. I found some fabric scraps from Ginger Grand's superhero quilt. I cut a small piece featuring Captain America and Ironman for one side. I wrote a simple birthday greeting for the other and attached both with double-sided tape. 

15 minute upcycled gift card tin

Last, add a gift card. Our family has patronized Chick-fil-a for years. We love their delicious food, excellent service, and Christian values. Once the gift card is gone, the tin will be the perfect size to hold a couple of Lego mini-figures, or other trinkets. I also added a variety of Ginger Grand's favorite snacks to the shipping box to create a snack attack gift to complement the gift card. {TIP: When shipping USPS Priority, which includes insurance and arrives in 2-3 days, the flat rate boxes aren't always the most economical, especially if you aren't shipping heavy items. Two of my favorite boxes are 1092 and the shoebox--both can be requested for free at USPS.com}

15 minute upcycled gift card tin

Here's a birthday collage I made for my special boy!

long distance grandparenting

My Thrift Store Addiction

15 minute upcycled gift card tin

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  1. Eight! How could that be?? Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by!! What a great project!! Happy Birthday to that sweet boy!!

  3. I don't know who is luckier--you or him to have a grandma who does such thoughtful things for him! Great idea. I wish I had a source for those tins; I think they are medicine cabinets for the dollhouse people!

  4. Cecilia,
    This is such a great idea. Children love little tins like this to store their collectibles. I am sure he will have a lot of fun with it.


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