Black and White Dessert Flatbread: Comfort from my Kitchen

Happy Monday, Friends! Today I'm sharing a dessert flatbread to satisfy your craving for sweets! Check out my simple recipe and add your favorite toppings to make it your own...

dessert flatbread

I used flatbread wraps from Target to create this tasty treat, and if you're feeling generous, it's sweet enough to share! I paired hazelnut spread (like Nutella) and lavender creme honey Dear Firstborn gave me for Christmas to create my "black and white." The creme honey is delicious but quite sweet, so you may prefer to substitute cream cheese. I'll list all of my ingredients below--just follow the steps in the image!

What you'll need:

Flatbread*Oil spritz (I used avocado)
Hazelnut spread* Creme honey (or cream cheese)
Toppings of your choice

dessert flatbread

First: Lightly spritz the flatbread with spray oil and bake just long enough to toast it. Next: Allow the flatbread to cool completely and spread half with hazelnut spread and half with the creme honey (or cream cheese.) Last: Add toppings of your choice! (I used fresh sliced strawberries and mint slivers on the hazelnut side and candied pecans and cranberries on the other.) Enjoy! 

dessert flatbread
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dessert flatbread

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  2. Looks luscious! I love the idea of mint and strawberries. And Nutella is one of my faves--even off the spoon!


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