Soft and Pretty DIY Face Masks: Fridays at Home

Happy Friday, Friends! I know most of us had hoped face masks might be a thing of the past by this time, but according to the CDC guidelines, we'll need to hold on to them for awhile. Today I'm sharing how to craft snug fitting protective masks that are as soft as they are pretty...

comfy DIY face masks

As of Wednesday, the governor lifted the face mask mandate for Texas--meanwhile our state still has one of the highest number of COVID-19 cases, and the vaccination availability is practically nonexistent in my community. To say I am disappointed is an understatement and I know many of you are experiencing similar frustrations. While I can't control the actions of others, I will continue to exercise caution and consideration by wearing masks. You may remember the first face mask tutorial I shared last year.  I soon realized that despite being made with pretty cotton fabric they weren't very comfy to wear. Since then, I have been making all of my face masks out of soft knit fabric.

Here's what you'll need: 

1/4 yard stretchy knit fabric (I got mine at Hobby Lobby.)
10" circular pattern (A plate will work fine.)
Adjustable loops or elastic 

comfy DIY face masks

This pattern allows for a double layer of fabric. The fabric feels soft against your face, and I have found that the design fits more snugly. The numbered steps above are pretty self-explanatory. I like to hand stitch mine while watching TV, but of course they can also be machine stitched. Incidentally, you can make several masks out of 1/4 yard--it just needs to be at least 10" wide. 

soft face masks

Also, I discovered these handy adjustable ear loops on Amazon, and they are fabulous! I paid $8.99 for more than I'll probably ever use, but I have included some links for smaller packages at the bottom of the post. I really love the colors and convenience! 

DIY face masks
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Here you can see how to adjust the ear loops for a comfortable fit.

DIY face masks

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DIY soft and pretty facemasks

Join me on Tuesday to see my Easter tablescape!
Until next time, stay safe and healthy! 
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  1. Great pattern, pretty fabric, and terrific sources, Cecilia! Thank you! I'm praying for you and others in TX!

  2. Great post and tutorial. I don't believe that TX gov't said you could stop wearing masks; they're gonna lose a lot of taxpayers! Praying for you all in TX. Been there, done that here in Maine!

  3. Thanks for your version of a mask. I will give it a try soon. I bought those same ties from Amazon. I like the adjustment factor or them. I wear a mask when walking and will continue to do so. I live in PA and we have a mask mandate. I may slack off some in the summer but be vigilant in the fall and winter during flu season. Again, thanks for sharing and be safe♥

  4. Good morning, Cecelia. I absolutely adore your beautiful masks, I have made many myself! Yes, we still need them. I have a feeling we will for a long while. Yours are lovely and so perfect for Spring. Thank you so much for sharing them with us at the TFT party. I’m Featuring you this week over on Shoestring Elegance. Congrats and Happy spring!

  5. These are so pretty and perfect for spring! I've featured this today at the TFT party. Thanks for sharing with us!


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