Garden Lovers' Unsponsored Review: Fridays at Home

Happy Friday, Friends! Today I'm sharing an unsponsored review of a few of my go-to garden faves--from the type of garden hat I prefer to the thriftiest place to buy seeds and gloves...

gardening supplies review

Over the years, I've tried a lot of different gardening gloves, and I can honestly say Dollar Tree's coated grip gloves are the best value for the money. 

gardening unsponsored review

I also buy most of my seeds from Dollar Tree. For skeptics, I've included an image of Morning Glories grown from their seeds. 😊 The key is to buy them before they run out!

gardening unsponsored review

If you spend any time in the garden, a protective hat is a must. As someone who has experienced skin cancer, I highly recommend those with UV protection.  (UV protection will be noted on a tag inside the hat, and I've included links at the bottom of the post.) 

gardening unsponsored review
This post contains affiliate links for suggested supplies. See full disclosure here.

My Thrift Store Addiction

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Until next time, stay safe and healthy! 
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  1. A real gardener can never have too many gloves! I'm going to get some of those at Dollar Tree. As for the morning glories, I planted them once and they come back from the seeds they drop every year. Win win! :)

  2. I miss getting in a garden.I make our deck our garden room now.

    I can take care of that and still enjoy gardening even if it isn't in the ground anymore.


  3. I had a gorgeous flower garden last summer -- all with Dollar Tree seeds! I bought this year's stockpile a few weeks ago and can't wait to sew them indoors (it is the Midwest, after all lol). Have also bought the gloves! xo Kathleen

  4. Great tips ....i love the dollar many bargains. I have gloves and hat when I go outside...have never bought seeds there but will do so this year.

  5. I love all your tips Cecilia! I would love to share your link in my weekly blog post tomorrow.


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