A Tale of Two Power Washers Unsponsored Review

Happy Friday, Friends! Last month, I shared an unsponsored review of floral decor I had recently purchased online. For today's Fridays at Home post, I'm reviewing two different power washers. Follow along to see which one I selected! 

unsponsored power washer review

Let me begin by thanking everyone for their prayers. I am very thankful that I didn't lose power. However, Texas still needs your prayers--so much loss and devastation due to an unregulated electric grid, extreme temperatures, and burst pipes. Hopefully, the worst of the weather is over, but now begins a lengthy restoration process for many. My heart goes out to those dealing with loss. In fact, this post was the result of storm damage I experienced last year. In the midst of cleaning up debris after my landscaping and garden was damaged by hail and high winds last May, I found myself in need of  a power washer. (Notice the grimy concrete in the before photo.)

unsponsored power washer reviews
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Remember, this is not a sponsored post, I am simply sharing my personal opinion on the two products! Believe it or not, I had never used or purchased a power washer before. So before making the investment, I did some research. I read reviews on Amazon and watched YouTube videos before deciding to purchase this Sun Joe model.

unsponsored power washer review

My first red flag was the so-called "simple assembly" which didn't resemble the quick snapping together of pieces I viewed on the YouTube video in the slightest. However, once I finally got the darned thing together, I felt slightly more optimistic when I started using it...

...that is until I realized the place where the nozzle gun connected was leaking, and I was getting soaked! I tried reattaching the nozzle gun, but each time it started out tight with no leaks, only to begin leaking after about 15 minutes of use. Now I will tell you this power washer got rave reviews on Amazon and YouTube. Either I got a lemon, or the power washer I received was manufactured by a different distributor. 

unsponsored power washer review

Frustrated, I told Favorite Son about my experience. He was heading to Home Depot for fence supplies and when he returned, he'd also purchased this Ryobi washer. (Sweet Boy!) The difference is night and day! First, it was easy to assemble and doesn't leak! Also, although the Sun Joe came with more nozzles, the heavy duty one that I used in the previous video didn't spray as broadly as the Ryobi featured in the video below, which means I am able to wash more quickly/cover more space with the Ryobi. It is also more compact and much easier to navigate! Thanks again to Favorite Son for picking out the better power washer! Also, kudos to Amazon for the painless return of the Sun Joe model. 

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unsponsored power washer review

Until next time, stay safe and healthy! 
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  1. So glad you came through the storm unscathed! Prayers work! As I knew nothing about pressure washers, NOW I know a bit more and know where to refer back to if I need a refresher--like if I ever need to buy one!


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