Lovely Floral Decor: Fridays at Home Unsponsored Review

Happy Friday, Friends! Since the pandemic has caused most of us to limit our outings, I am continuing to explore new ways to pivot my original Friday's Find post. Like me, some of you are opting for the safety and convenience of shopping online. Today, I'm sharing an unsponsored review of a few of my recent purchases...
floral pillow covers

Until this pandemic is under control, weekly thrift store browsing won't be part of my "new normal." As I've mentioned before, I schedule curbside grocery pick-ups and limit my other store purchases to quick monthly stops. I have really come to appreciate Amazon Prime and have ordered everything from laundry detergent and essential oils to gifts and home decor, which is what I am reviewing today. 

white amaryllis bouquet

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Since the selection of fresh winter flowers here is almost nonexistent, I have been wanting to order a pretty faux variety. After receiving an Amazon gift card for Christmas, I selected this white amaryllis bouquet. Initially I was hesitant after noticing a one-star rating, but upon closer inspection, I realized it was because it had not yet been rated, rather than a negative review. However, I'm quite pleased with the appearance and texture that are similar to real flowers and they were less expensive than comparable bouquets. To clarify, I am not being paid for this review, but I thought you might like to see how the items I received compare with the listing photos. There is nothing worse than receiving home decor that looks nothing like the photo--that is the primary reason I return items to Amazon! Having said that, if you have Prime, Amazon returns are relatively painless. (Click here to try Amazon Prime free for 30 days!

white amaryllis bouquet

I was also on the lookout for pastel Valentine pillow covers, but after browsing a bit, I decided on floral covers that I can use from Valentine's Day to spring. Here's the first one I selected...

Blush rose petal pillow

...and here you can see how the cover looked when it arrived and after I added the pillow. You can see that the color is as pictured, and it really does look like petals covering the pillow. (Find this rosy cover, here!)

pretty petal pillow cover

Last but not least, I chose these gorgeous floral pillow covers.  The flower hues are slightly darker than the listing, but they are pretty close, and the realistic floral design really pops off the pillows! In full disclosure, the pillow covers had made in China stickers on the packages. I will note that it is becoming increasingly difficult on Amazon to find out where a product is made prior to purchasing. In the past, I have had to return shoddily made products. However, all three pillow covers are well made and closely resemble the listing photos, so I'll be keeping them. 

gorgeous floral pillow covers

My Thrift Store Addiction

lovely floral decor

Until next time, stay safe and healthy! 

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  1. Wow, those peonies really do POP, don't they! I think you got good buys. I thought the amaryllis were real until I started reading! As a color freak and a pink rose lover, I still liked the brightness of the peonies' pink. But then, winters in Maine are too long and I have a touch of seasonal affective disorder. Woke up to a dusting of snow--I'm just NOT a winter person!

  2. Very pretty choices!! Love the real look of the amaryllis and the rose petal pillow cover is my favorite - love that blush pink!

  3. Oh, those are really pretty faux stems!! It's amazing how far fake flowers have come in the past few years, isn't it??


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