The Thrifty Way to Organize Your Home: Kitchen Edits

Happy Monday, Friends! Today, I am continuing my series on thrifty tips for home organization. Last week, I shared basic home edits. Now,  let's head to the kitchen to organize the pantry...

Thrifty organization tips

If you didn't read my previous home organization post, start here. I was thrilled to find these large clear canisters at Dollar Tree. Today, I am highlighting my pantry, but I am also using them in my fridge and cabinets. 

Thrifty home edit tips

You may remember that I mentioned the importance of labels in my last post. Besides identifying ingredients that look similar at a glance, they also add a cohesive appearance.

Thrifty kitchen organization

After "splurging" on some labels on Amazon that were advertised for the pantry and receiving tiny labels meant for spice jars, (who puts flour, beans, or cereal in spice jars?!) I made my own by stenciling Walmart chalkboard labels--the stencil is also from Dollar Tree.

home edit pantry

You'll notice that my smallish pantry doubles as a food and butler's pantry. I use durable oil cloth as a shelf liner. I have used the same cheerful, retro cherry cloth for over five years.

thrifty home edit tips

Upcycled thrift store baskets are another one of my go-to storage options. They are a pretty way to corral and store bulkier items. 

thrifty home edit tips

Although they were lost on the large canisters, I was able to use several of the tiny labels on smaller containers like this clear tub to store packaged condiments and toppings.

pantry home edit

I have really been enjoying my dollar store canisters! 

thrifty home organization

During the holidays, I bake and give away a lot of cookies, so I use these baskets on the very top shelf to store cookie tins that I buy year round. I need a step stool to reach this shelf, but I don't use these items often. 

thrifty kitchen edits

I use the next shelf for storing vintage milk glass bowls and cookbooks. This leaves the last two shelves for easy to reach food items. I store canned goods on a small lazy Susan, which makes it super easy to see what I have/need  at a spin and a glance. 

Thrifty home edits

My Thrift Store Addiction

Thrifty home edits

Stay tuned for more thrifty ways to organize your home in two weeks! 



My Thrift Store Addiction

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  1. I bet you smile every time you go into your pantry! Thre cherry design is so timeless and cheerful. The consistency of the jars makes it look like an intentional set and the fact that they stack is such a space saver! Although I have a small (messy) bookcase in my kitchen and lots of cellar shelves for canned goods and staples, I so miss having a real "pantry" like my previous house did. I have been using my large instant coffee jars with red caps for lots of staple (rice and noodles) and crafts (beads and bead strands!) storage. I always enjoy your posts so much!

  2. Thank you for all the wonderful organizational tips Cecilia. I need to take the time to use some of them!

  3. Great tips Cecilia! I need to get busy and do some organizing here. If I could just put the book down and move away from the fireplace! Happy New Year!

  4. Very nice.
    I appreciate a thrifty way to organize. I like the cohesive look, but am loathe to spend tons to store food! And I really like the shelf paper. I’ve been peeling off contact paper from my shelves in preparation to paint them, and have vowed not to use sticky-back paper. I’m going to look up the oil paper.

    Once we get out pantry walls and shelves built, I’ll be working on our pantry. I’m looking forward to that!

    Featuring your post at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop tomorrow.



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