Cupcakes and Wine in the Garden: A World of Octobers Mini Hop

Happy Monday, Friends! Today I'm hosting a mini blog hop and we're celebrating beautiful October outdoors from various states and climates: West Virginia, Nebraska, Ohio, Minnesota, Florida, Colorado, New Jersey, and Texas...

festive fall outdoor spaces

I have always loved this Anne of Green Gables quote. Here in the Texas Hill Country, it is usually October before we even begin to see signs of fall weather. It also happens to be my birthday month. 😊

festive fall outdoor spaces

As I'm writing this, it is 75 degrees here, and my morning glories are loving the slightly cooler weather. Before the severe hail storm and high winds we had in May,  I had planted several large pots of morning glories. Unfortunately, the high winds shredded many of the plants in my garden and all of my container plants. Then several weeks ago, I saw a single morning glory leaf among the rubble, so I immediately covered it with a large cone-shaped trellis. Since then, it has thrived and I smile everytime I see it, because it reminds me of God's faithfulness. 
autumn outdoor spaces

Last month, Favorite Son brought me this cute Cupcake Vineyards store display from a jobsite. I repurposed it as a plant stand, but I couldn't resist using it to serve a treat during this gorgeous weather. 

autumn outdoor spaces

fall outdoor spaces

Using the bottles as vases, I created some simple mini bouquets with mums, basil, and wildflowers. 

autumn outdoor spaces

Next to the fountain by my backdoor...

...I set the bistro table with transferware, copper accents, and napkins from the dollar store.  

autumn outdoor spaces

 If you were here, I would love you to join me for a decadent chocolate ganache cupcake and a toast--cheers! 

Autumn outdoor spaces

My Thrift Store Addiction

cupcakes and wine in the garden

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely October! Next up is Rita from Panoply in West Virginia, and you're going to love her chic balcony!

A World of Octobers Mini Blog Hop

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A World of Octobers mini blog hop

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  1. Cecilia, I would love to join you in real life at the garden table by the fountain to toast the rebirth of your garden! Who says fall is the end of the cycle of life?! Thank you for organizing this regional mini hop. I am so excited to see all the different climates and know get to know the bloggers' world of October in each one.

  2. I love your garden table by the fountain Cecilia! It looks like a beautiful spot to enjoy! Thank you for organizing this group! I'm loving all of the inspo! xoxo

  3. I'm happy to hear your garden is coming back after the storm this spring. Your garden seating area is lovely and looks like the perfect place to relax...and have a cupcake! Thanks for hosting and organizing this inspiring blog hop! Happy October!

  4. Cecilia, it's so exciting to see the morning glory you planted coming back. I remember how bad that storm was for you and all the damage that came with it too. It's such a beautiful reminder of the promises to come and His faitfulness too. Love your beautiful seating area and the sign your favorite son got for you. It's perfect! Thanks so much for hosting this fun blog hop and bringing all of us together. I hope your birthday month is richly blessed! Hugs, CoCo

  5. Cecilia!! This looks so fun! I love this little setting for two! It makes me wanna call up one of my girlfriends and have a cupcake and wine girls only party!!! Thanks again for all your work putting this together for all of us! I'm so honored to be doing this blog hop with you!! Aliya

  6. Love the cupcake stand! What a wonderful find from your son! He must have the junkin' genes (my sons have mine too.) I love your little outdoor bistro style garden setting with fall touches! I also love your morning glory. Mine is totally invasive from previous owners and I have been trying to pull out most of it. I love the idea of using a trellis to contain some in small area.

    Thanks for hosting and including me in this beautiful blog hop! Happy to be representing Kentucky among the states featured!

    Happy fall!

  7. Love your bistro table and you're right who wouldn't love cupcakes and wine?

    So great to see morning glories blooming. I know it's been tough since the big storm.


  8. Love the morning glory; someone got it right when they named it Heavenly Blue! Lovely table setting! That cupcake looks sinful. Can I admit that I would eat it from the bottom up, saving the curl and ganache for last>

  9. Your bubbling fountain and the windchimes are just magical, Cecilia! What a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the view. So nice when our kids pick up "finds" they know we'll like, isn't it? Fun signs to decorate around! Thanks so much for inviting me today!

  10. Good Afternoon Cecilia,
    Oh how I enjoyed the video and melodic tinkling of windchimes and water.
    I completely and totally would sit right down this minute to enjoy a rich ganache chocolate cupcake with a refreshing glass of wine while enjoying your most lovely gardens. Beautiful Ode to Fall!
    This was such an enjoyable blog hop, so great to travel the U.S. without leaving our homes!
    Thanks again for everything,

  11. I'm sorry I couldn't add Illinois to this hop, Cecilia! (maybe next year?) AS I predicted all I have is two potted moms and two pumpkins on my front porch! We had our first frost warning last night. Daytime highs in the low 70's. Leaves have started to fall! I didn't know it was your birthday month:) I would definitely celebrate with you in your lovely bistro by the back door! It looks so charming and those cupcakes - yum! xo Kathleen


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