How to Stencil Chair Pads with a Sharpie

Happy Monday, Friends! Today I'm going to show you how to stencil chair pads with a Sharpie marker. Stenciling wool or braided pads is a little different than the previous projects I've shared, but it is still a quick and easy upcycle...

How to stencil with a Sharpie marker

If you are stenciling chair pads that are cotton fabric, click here for directions. Wool and other braided chair pads are thicker, so the stenciling is less likely to blur or bleed, but you'll need to press the marker slightly harder. 

Here's what you'll need:
*Stencil*painter's tape
*Ultra fine Sharpie and fine tip Sharpie

How to stencil with a Sharpie marker

If your stencil has tiny, fine sections, start by outlining the stencil with the ultra-fine Sharpie.

How to stencil with a Sharpie marker

Next, press lightly then gradually apply more pressure to fill in the stencil. Stay tuned--next week I'll share more on how I'm using these bee-utiful chair pads! 

How to stencil with a Sharpie marker
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How to stencil with a Sharpie

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