Vintage Pyrex Fridgie: Friday's Find #342

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! It's been over six months since the pandemic began. Previously, my rural town had an abundance of thrift stores, but all but a few have now closed. I know many of us are still coming to terms with the new normal, but I have really missed thrifting... 

thrift store finds

I've found that stores in my area are more likely to be crowded in the afternoons, so I visited two stores right as they opened, Goodwill and the local Humane Society shop. I found this vintage Pyrex fridgie at the Humane Society thrift. It's in pristine condition. AVAILABLE HERE!

thrift store finds

At Goodwill, I picked up several baskets that I'm selling as a set. AVAILABLE HERE!

thrift store finds

Thrifting used to be a weekly outing and I enjoyed browsing leisurely, but for now, I'll probably limit it to a monthly activity. How's your new normal looking? 

Until next time, stay safe and healthy! 
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  1. So far all of our thrift stores have survived, as they are all for charities. But, I'm not shopping as much. I too miss the weekly hunt. But I am more in a mode of cleaning out and donating at this point than I am collecting. Not being able to have people over is part of that.

    1. I don't go as much. I miss going. I do have to say I don't like it when Goodwill asks you to join the club for 25.00 in order to get a discount. Why? Everything they have to sell is donated.

  2. My actual shopping these days is nil, but I do go to our mall once a week at opening to fluff our own booths. My sister in Cincinnati recently took possession of a negotiated downsizing of some friends of hers, and my local sister & I traveled to Cincy a few weeks ago to pick & choose among the lot. We all keep tight circles of contact, so we felt safe. I scored a bunch of really nice Pyrex (one was the sunflower similar to your Vintage Finds #326 but with milk glass lid. I love those old patterns! Have a great weekend, Cecilia.

  3. I have limited my shopping radically and thrifting to maybe 1x/month--have only found 3 yard sales in my rambles all summer! Been crafting like crazy for my booths, church bazaar, and daughter's hope of facebook Marketplace selling. Have done several day trips which usually involve thrifting and antiqueing--one of our favorite antique malls closed due to the owner's stroke and reduced sales. Haven't made a dent in my craft supplies stash! At least Maine is in much better shape--we wear our masks faithfully!


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