Something Old, Something New from Round Top: Friday's Find #217

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! If you read my last Friday's Find post, you know I left bright and early on a junkin' adventure....all the way to Round Top! That's right, my friend Carly and I made our annual road trip to Texas Antiques Week. On Sunday, I'll be sharing some new places we found and lots of vintage eye candy, but today I'm sharing my fabulous finds from our day trip. Grab your favorite drink and get comfy.... 

My fabulous finds from Texas Antiques Week Round Top

There's so much to see at Texas Antiques Week, the sheer volume can be overwhelming so I always bring a list. Would you believe I found the first thing on my list at our first stop? La Bahia Antiques was a new-to-me venue but I'll definitely go back. When we went last Friday, they opened at 8:00 which is an hour earlier than most of the shops and also stayed open until 7:00 which is an hour later than most. {More pics from La Bahia coming Sunday.} I have been hunting locally all year for some vintage spoons with open work in the handle design, which has proven harder than you might think. Carly was a trooper and heIped me dig through a huge tub to find these. I have special plans for all six as Christmas decor. Speaking of Christmas decor, how sweet is this tiny vintage choir angel? She's from one my favorite venues, Cole's Antique Show and I was instantly drawn to her because she looks so much like the angel I use as an icon for my vintage Etsy shop.

fabulous finds scored at Texas Antiques Week Round Top

Also from the same vendor at Cole's, I bought this finished vintage quilt square. Cole's consistently offers some of the best vintage dishes and the vendors display them beautifully. {I'll be sharing more photos from Cole's on Sunday.}

Fabulous finds from Round Top

This vintage door back plate is another hard to find item from my list. My goal is to eventually replace all of my door knobs and hardware with vintage. The back plates have been harder to find than the knobs. Of course this one will get a makeover. I found it at Round Top Vintage Market which was another new-to-me stop. 

The next two finds are from a little shop that was an extension of Burton Bridge Ministry, and is about 10 miles from Round Top. It was small but so cute and Carly and I both found some bargain ornaments there. 

Fabulous finds Round Top Texas Antiques Week

I also found these two painted tins. I happen to like the color--what I think of as garden gate green. Not to mention, it complements the color of my vintage jadeite collection. Very faintly under all of the paint, I could tell from the markings on the bottoms that they are vintage Prince Albert tins. I have a project in mind ;) 

Fabulous finds from Round Top Texas Antiques Week

Now that you've seen my something(s) old, I have something new to share also. During our trip last year, Carly and I fell in love with Royal Standard which sells very reasonably priced home decor, clothing and accessories. I know they have some stores--several in Louisiana and also one in Cypress, Texas and they sell at the Nutcracker Market in Houston, too. If you're near any of these locations, it's worth the trip! This year we both bought pajama shorts/bottoms and they are every bit as soft and comfy as Danielle, the employee who helped us, promised. We both agreed we wish we'd bought more!

Fabulous finds Round Top

I was instantly smitten with this silk amaryllis wreath and briefly entertained the thought of making my own...until I started counting the number of flowers and realized what a bargain the $19 price was! {I paid slightly more than that for the dollar store peonies I used to create my blooming dress form.} Can you picture it fluffed and hanging on my red front door?

fabulous finds Texas Antiques Week Round Top

Last but not least, and also a bargain--a trio of floral spheres. I can see so many possibilities for these!

fabulous finds from Texas Antiques Week Round Top

My Thrift Store Addiction

Fabulous finds Texas Antiques Week Round Top

Don't forget to come back Sunday to see photos from all of the places we shopped 'til we dropped--you'll be inspired! 

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  1. Okay, these are all great, and would have caught my attention. The 4 spoons alike are Community Plate, a pattern my mom had when we were growing up (I snagged a set from my sister, no less!). You know I saw jadeite in those tins too, and who doesn't love cozy pjs? We can't keep backplates in our inventory (and they're not easy to find reasonably priced!).
    I'll be looking forward to your upcoming posts. I hope you'll comment on the numbers again....Springfield (OH) had over 3,000 dealers this year, which is ridiculous IMO. It's gotten so overwhelming, and I'd also appreciate your take on overall pricing. Seems the fleas have turned retail....

  2. What fun! I'd love to join you sometime. I need a guide - the one time I went, I was completely overwhelmed. Love your finds! The door plate is my favorite! Can't wait to see all your projects.

  3. That angel is the sweetest. I love her face.

  4. Do you have a architectural salvage store you can shop at for door hardware? In my experience they are much much cheaper than shopping antique stores for hardware.

  5. I so want to visit Round Top someday. You found some great stuff. Can't wait to see what you do with the painted Prince Albert tins.

  6. What a great trip. I always wanted to go to Round Top, but never made it. Love the old door knob plate. We removed all the antique glass knobs and back-plates from the old doors in our rental before we sold it. I need to find some projects for them. We ran into trouble replacing them with new hardware because the old doors were not as thick as what the new hardware was made for. Our son figured out how to alter the new knobs to make them fit.

  7. I liked all your finds. The quilt square looks like a pillow top to me!I could get into collecting angels with sweet faces. Can't wait to see what you make into projects. The amaryllis wreathe is gorgeous; I thought they were lilies; great for Easter! Amaryllis will be great anytime! I Can see the floral globes dangling from your chandy!

  8. Great finds, and so lucky to have found those spoons! I hope one day to get there myself:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  9. Aww, such pretty finds, and I know you're going to do something very creative with all of them...except for the PJ's, of course. I love that you want to replace all your doorknobs with the vintage ones with vintage backplates! I used to live in a 30's house that had those. Good job on finding that silverplate! I wish I lived close to one of these vintage markets. You had some great scores!

  10. I am binge reading all your gardening posts, and decor posts, and NOW your thrift store/antiques posts!
    :) gwingal


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