Friday's Find #165: The Round Top Edition!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today I'm sharing the fabulous finds from our recent trip to Round Top; both my treasures plus Carly's! There's lots to see, so let's go...

Fabulous finds from Round Top Antique Week

First, I'll start with what I consider to be the best score of the trip: Carly's bench! Ever since they bought their home a little over a year ago, she has been searching for the perfect piece and it was well worth the wait. Would you believe she got this gorgeous deacon's bench for less than $150? We saw one online that looked identical for over $900--she's a girl after my own heart! In fact, Carly found everything in the photo on our trip. She'd told me of her desire to have a special spot for her little boy to sit and put on his shoes before school, with space for storage underneath. So we had storage bins on our radar, when we came across the galvanized tubs. The icing on the cake is the rustic sign she found that is the perfect size over her timeless bench. {Bench: outdoor tent at Cole's Antique Show * Sign: Bar-W Field}

Deacon's bench

Do you have one of those friends that you often order the same food when you eat out and wind up with matching items in your shopping cart? That's me and Carly--we picked out the exact same sandals and tassel necklace. The vendor's home decor put me in mind a bit of Kirkland's and they also had quite a selection of fun accessories. With the show specials, Carly got her galvanized tubs 75% off and our sandals ($5) and necklaces ($7.50) were great deals too. You can check out their website here! {The Royal Standard tent was located right next to Texas Rose.}

Tassel necklace and sandals in Round Top

Remember the cute little vintage camper that I told you sold pretty handmade jewelry? I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I have a few favorites like the James Avery rings and bracelets that were gifts from my kids. I also wear my turquoise fitness band daily and had been looking for a small simple turquoise necklace.  Pamela B Designs had just the thing. I love that I have a choice between the turquoise bead or freshwater pearl--it's like having two necklaces in one! It lays just right even with a T-shirt and unlike longer necklaces doesn't get in the way of the cross body bags I prefer. Pamela is very sweet and she creates custom orders too!

Leather turquoise and fresh water pearl necklace

She also sells vintage, reasonably priced and I bought my only jadeite purchase of the trip from her.  {Find Pamela at the Texas Rose Show or her website. }

Vintage jadeite bowl

A nice pillow is an occasional splurge for me. These 10 x 20 pillows include the cozy down filled forms with removable covers. What appealed to me, is you can also buy just the covers which come in a variety of lovely seasonal choices. If you enjoy changing your pillows for the seasons, like I do, it could be more economical and cut down on storage. {Relish Home Collection is located at the Blue Hills venue.}

Seasonal pillows

Now for all of the junkaholics who have been patiently waiting, here's the stuff we had to dig for in the outside tents. I found several items that have been on my to-buy list. I bet most of you know my plans for this vintage barn salvage. I will tell you I was momentarily disappointed that the seller wouldn't budge from the $20 price. Only briefly though, especially after I researched similar items on Etsy which ranged from $35-$200! This brings up a good point that my friend Laura at White Spray Paint mentioned which I also practice. While it doesn't hurt to try to strike a bargain with the vendors, make a reasonable offer and ask nicely. I've found if you are polite rather than pushy, most dealers will work with you. If they won't deal and you feel you can do better, keep looking. Whatever you decide though, consider how hard most of the vendors work and remember, nice matters. In this case, even before I was certain I'd gotten the best deal, when I saw it fit the measurements I needed, that instantly added value. I hadn't been able to find the exact size previously. Remember to bring a tape measure! Stay tuned--you'll be seeing the DIY project soon. {Found at Ex-Cess}

Vintage barn light salvage

Also so from Ex-Cess, more vintage brown ironstone transferware to add to my growing collection. These were a bargain priced as a group. A few may be added to my transferware gallery wall; the others are the perfect size for dessert. 

Vintage Transferware

If you saw my recent guest post, you know this item has been on my list for sometime! Though this may have originally been intended for a tricycle, the metal seat may actually work better for my vintage garden bike. It will get a mini makeover--$5 score! {Bar-W Field

Vintage tricycle seat

Another perfect sized find for an upcoming DIY project and I bought two. You wouldn't believe how many different sizes of these rustic farmhouse style baskets there are until you start measuring them! {Bar-W Field}

rustic basket

Last, a little teaser for Sunday's post! Junk Gypsy had a great selection of t-shirts. This one features the really soft cotton I love. I have a few other shirts with the same comfy feel and once you wear them, it's hard to go back to others. If you're a fan of the show or merchandise, you'll want to come back Sunday to see more JG and I'll be highlighting Royers Cafe, too! 

Junk Gypsy t-shirt

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Round Top Texas Antique Week

I'm curious, what would you have brought home from Round Top?
Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Love the bench and oh my so many gorgeous finds!!

  2. All great finds Cecilia, my faves are the basket and the T-shirt :)

  3. No telling what I would bring home from Round Top if I ever go to actually go ?
    I always go toward chairs, mirrors, transferware dishes
    Glad you found some of your hunt items


  4. Love your treasures and I would love to get to that show someday. Saw it first on Fixer Upper. I just have to get to Texas one way or another for all the great stuff you have there!

  5. What fun you and Carly had. Glad Carly found that nice bench and love the storage bins. The metal basket is really nice and the light shade. Anxious to see what you do with that.

  6. Hm, Royers. We've eaten there. :-) so good. Looks like you and Carly found lots of great goodies. Can't wait to see what you do with metal shade!

  7. What a bunch of varied finds! I love it when I find a variety. I'm glad you had a good time with your makes the day that much more fun.

  8. What a fun and productive trip! Love your finds-I am always partial to wire baskets-this one reminds me of the several that my parents had in their outdoor shed:)
    Happy Saturday,

  9. You two sound like you had the best time...wonderful finds...and of course you had to have the t-shirt!

  10. Sounds like you two had a wonderful trip. You both found lots of goodies. I want to go to Round Top so bad, maybe a road trip one day!

  11. How fun! The transferware is gorgeous! I know you had a blast with your girlfriend. Those are the best days. ;)

  12. Cecelia, I took a friend who was visiting from Cape Cod. We drove over both Monday and Tuesday. My friend found everything on her list and then some. It was fun to share this venue with her because we have shopped the Paris and other French markets together. She was totally impressed! Thanks for sharing all your photos.

  13. Cecilia,
    You found some great treasures at Round Top. That red bicycle seat is the cutest! I wasn't able to go to Round Top this Fall and love seeing what others find.

    Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.


  14. Love the bike seat and the wire basket. Great finds.

  15. All great stuff! I know what you mean about the T-shirt. I was a Junk Gypsy fan way before anyone knew who they were. I have a long sleeved t of theirs that says "Well-behaved Women Rarely Make History":) It's a fave. Jealous of your adventure! xoKathleen

  16. You are so sweet Cecilia! I'm very happy you like your necklace and the Jadite bowl. Love your blog! xoxo PamelaB Designs

  17. You found some fun things. Can't wait to see your bike made over! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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