Friday's Find #163

TGITF Friends! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Are you ready for this week's fabulous finds?  Aren't these small vintage tole tin trays pretty? I think they would make such a lovely gift, packaged with a few small items on top. Set of 4 is Available

Vintage tin tole trays

There was a time when I would have passed on sequined stars, but I learned from Etsy, there are peeps who love sequined appliques.  Available

sequined star appliques

You know I'm a pushover for a pretty handmade doily--especially when pink is involved! Available

Handmade pink doily

The rest of this week's features were from the Finds warehouse sale, where many things are usually .25, but the last time I went, they were 2/.25! I've been picking up these large cone shaped spools for a future project, when the price is right--and it was!

cone shaped thread spools

I use lots of baskets for storage--give them a coat of white spray paint and you'd never know I got all 6 for .75. 

 thrift store storage baskets

My KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL started today! When the Glass Slipper Shatters: Recreate Your Fairy Tale After Divorce is only .99--no Kindle necessary! (See free reading app on blog sidebar.) The sale lasts through September 22. If you want to pass along the info, copy the code from the box below. Thank you!

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Cecilia, lovely finds as usual. I always sell sequinned appliques when I run across them. The doily is beautiful...I love pink. And the trays are so cute! I'm going to try to get your book too.

  2. I love those little trays. I had some at one point but think they fell to the downsizing.

  3. Im a sucker for a doily too especially one with pink. The little trays are very sweet.

  4. So funny Cecilia ... we shop the same sale and you always surprise me with what you find ... stuff, that I don't even see. I guess our eyes are trained to look for different items. I do love the thread cones and the green baskets.
    Audrey Z.

  5. I think that every one of your items for today were in my home growing up. I miss my pink doily! ;)

  6. I use to have scads of dollies and have sold them all in yard sales
    That pink one sure reminds me of my Mom


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