Early Fall Garden Stroll

Hi there, Friends! Even though it's still quite warm here, it is officially fall and it's been awhile since I've shared the garden.  Join me for a leisurely stroll ...

vintage garden bike

We haven't had any cooler weather to speak of yet so I haven't gone all out on pumpkins or fall plants, but I did add a pot of cheerful yellow mums to my vintage garden bike basket and a few pumpkins, too. 

vintage garden bike decorated for fall

These pretty lavender asters are one of my fall favorites--love them next to the sunny wildflowers!

fall asters and wildflowers

You may remember the vintage garden bike I received from Dear Firstborn last summer. It just needed a little love and I have thoroughly enjoyed it ever since. See how it looked before, here.

vintage garden bike

Before the season of rain we had about a month ago, I trimmed back all of the mint. It was scraggly then, but now it's grown back like a fragrant carpet of green.

mint in the fall garden

Golden lantana and blue sage complement each other nicely. That's one of my many rosemary bushes next to the house...

fall garden

...and another wearing her blooms of blue reserved for fall and spring.

rosemary in bloom

Lush sweet potato vine thrives in a repurposed fountain before the temperatures drop.

sweet potato vine

Knock out roses will continue to bloom through the fall. 

knock-out roses

A faux metal jack o'lantern sports an herby hat of chocolate mint. Stay tuned for the technique for him...

upcycled faux metal jack o'lantern

...and the faux terracotta pumpkin head on my repurposed vintage milk can scarecrow.

Repurposed vintage milk can scarecrow

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fall garden stroll

Join me tomorrow, when I'll be guest posting on The Art of Thrifting at White Spray Paint!

The Art of Thrifting

Happy fall, y'all! 

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  1. It is all looking so good for Fall! I love the pumpkins with the pretty purple flowers!

  2. I love lantana and verbena and have both in my gardens! Wondered if you are related to my author friend, Alice Lynn.

  3. Your fall decorations are coming along nicely, Cecilia! You are WAY ahead of me. I did buy some mums the other day and today got a great deal on baby boos (5 for a dollar!). Hope you have a great week :)

  4. Your vintage bike along with all the flowers makes me wish I had a green thumb! I am looking forward to see the metal pumpkin technique :)

  5. Love your garden! Can't wait to see it.

  6. That red bike is just so charming!

  7. Love your bike all decked out for fall Cecilia! I just have a mop bucket planted with mint, but I cut mine back a while ago and it's filled in nice and neat now as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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