May Mornings Bring a Visitor to Secret Garden Herbs!

Hello Friends! What's your Memorial Day weekend look like? I can't believe May is almost over! We've had wetter, cooler weather than usual for this time of year and I've been spending as many quiet mornings in the garden as possible before things begin to heat up. I've enjoyed capturing first blooms like these sweet fairy roses...

pink fairy roses

...and I've had a little garden visitor too! Here he is peeking from the corner and starting to move just as I took the photo. 

bunny visitor in the garden

Since then, I've seen him almost every morning and he's become braver about letting me approach closer. I joked with Ginger Grand that he was my weed eating helper after I saw him nibbling at a patch that shot up from the frequent rains. I love the way his cheeks and nose twitch as he nibbles ;) 

bunny garden helper

I'm really hoping he'll make an appearance when Ginger Grand visits. (10 more days!)

cottontail rabbit

Secret Garden Herbs  is especially peaceful this time of year and I've been soaking it all in! There's nothing like a spring garden to engage the senses. From the lush greenery of sweet potato vine amidst a sea of mint, 

repurposed fountain garden planter

to nature's color palette of vibrant hued blooms. Coral knock-out roses,

coral knock-out roses

sunny yellow mums and

yellow mums

fragrant honeysuckle in all of their glory! 


Remember the changes I made to the flower bed in the front? I hadn't realized how much my trees have grown, which has added more shade so I've made some adjustments according to what's working best in that spot. Since then I've planted some small hydrangea plants that should fill in nicely.  Three in this gorgeous periwinkle shade...

periwinkle hydrangeas at Secret Garden Herbs

....and a pretty variety called "limelight" which was a pretty pale green when I first planted it but now some of the petals have turned pinkish and I really love the color combination. 

limelight hydrangeas at Secret Garden Herbs

Enjoy the long weekend! 

bunny visits Secret Garden Herbs
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  1. I have had a baby bunny visitor and then an older bunny in my yard this past week. Maybe I have a bunny family living here! In all the years I have lived here, I have not seen a bunny until now. They look just like your little visitor...brown and cute! Your flowers are gorgeous! I will be buying some tomorrow to plant as our planting season is just starting.

  2. Beautiful beautiful garden!!! Sweet bunny! It looks like the perfect peaceful place to enjoy. Love love

  3. Love the glimpses of your flowers & the bunny! Have a good time with GG!

  4. Lovely gardens! I have limelight too. It has gotten much bigger than expected. It is probably 8'-10' tall and is absolutely gorgeous when it starts blooming right into autumn. You can check out some of those photos here:

  5. Every season we get a new baby bunny. They show up, eat our clover and visit. I love my bunny sightings. I think life is what makes the garden so magical...

  6. Love your bunny, Cecilia :) We have scads of them every year--must be a warren nearby. Your gardens are just beautiful!!

  7. Oh, the honeysuckle brings back memories! My mom had a night blooming jasmine and a honeysuckle plant in the backyard.There were also lots of roses!

  8. All so beautiful, Cecilia! Limelights are my favorite! xo Kathleen

  9. Hi Cecilia! Your garden visitor is so cute. I'm one of those people that loves putting sweet potato vines and mums everywhere. Your honeysuckle is beautiful. I don't have that variety, but must get it at some point. I'm obsessed with the vine's sweet scent. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Dishing It & Digging It!

  10. Love your sweet garden visitor. And everything looks so pretty. It's been a wonderful spring. Enjoy!

  11. Your flowers look so pretty -- mine are still in the 'green' stage. We have a very large bunny that we think lives under our deck and I see him/her almost every day. It was all nice until I found some of my new plants chewed right to the dirt :( But they sure are cute!

  12. Love your garden Cecilia. Would love to be able to have time to work in mine. The deer would love for me to put some fresh stuff out for them to eat. We have had bunnies and I love them. Once we found a nest of new-born bunnies in a shallow hole in the ground. That was very interesting. Did not realize that was where the mother had them. Enjoy your garden.
    Audrey Z.

  13. Your gardens are so pretty Cecilia. Great pics! We have bunnies here every year and this year we have a few babies. They're all pretty skittish, but they're fun to watch from a distance.

  14. I am so bad at keeping flowers alive. I do fairly well with green plants but blooms? Don't stand a chance.

  15. You have such a pretty garden and I love that bunny.
    Thanks for sharing at C&C with J&J.

  16. Wow! You have a beautiful garden. :-0 :-)

  17. Beautiful florals and Mr. Bunny is cute as can be!

  18. What a lovely post! Have you named your sweet garden bunny? I have always loved the names given in Beatrix Potter books! ;-) Featuring this post today at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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