Friday's Find #214

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! When I began collecting jadeite several years ago, my first finds were from thrift stores. For those of you who share my obsession with the vintage green dishes, you know they're getting harder to come by at all and a rare thing to score in thrift stores, these days. Every once in awhile, I'm delighted when I come across the occasional find--or two--like these restaurantware saucers. Score! 

vintage jadeite restaurantware

It seemed to be a week for collectible plates. Lately, I've come across several of these Homer Laughlin Debutante collectible church plates--this one happened to be the right price. It's from Laurel Heights Methodist Church in San Antonio. Though I don't have the wall space, I think a grouping of different churches would make such a pretty plate gallery.  Available

collectible church plate

I also found more state souvenir plates, which have sold consistently in my vintage Etsy shop. First, a small one from Amish country Kalona, Iowa. Available

vintage Iowa state souvenir plate

Then a larger New York City plate that has a pretty shabby chic vibe--I've never seen this type of roses on a souvenir plate.  Available

New York City souvenir plate

Did you know there is quite a market for Avon collectibles? The most popular items are certain perfume decanters and the Christmas bells and plates. Even though the soaps are not included among the most popular, since both of these next finds were in their original packaging and priced really well, I decided to test the market. I really love the Victorian styled box of this Sentimental Affection soap gift set. It's dated 1989.  Available

vintage Avon Sentimental Affection gift soap

The cute graphics featured on this 1987 Avon Bumble Babee bar soap are still brightly colored. Available

vintage Avon Bumble Babee soap

My Thrift Store Addiction

vintage jadeite

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Love your finds! I come across a lot of church plates. That New York plate really is different!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  2. I just love the New York plate having just been there! Great finds as always.

  3. Yay - jadeite! That's one of the best things to come across in a thrift store!

  4. I purchased some vintage Avon collectibles over this past week as well. Two soap sets and two decanters (Sniffy and Duster D Duckling), all new in box. Curious how they will sell.

  5. I got some vintage Avon strawberry soaps once and couldn't believe how much fragrance they still had! Everybody's gotta collect something! Jadeite moves you, milk glass moves me; good thing we don't all collect the same things!

  6. I've never found jadeite in a thrift stores around here. Some of mine came from Etsy and other pieces from Ebay. You don't even find a lot of it in the antique stores and malls here either or at least at a price I'm willing to pay. The New York plate is stunning.

    1. Thank you for sharing your incredible finds at Snickerdoodle.


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