Hometalk: Decorate a Dorm Room for Less Inspiration

Hello Friends! As a fairly new blogger, I have only recently learned about: 

Featured on Hometalk.com 

Here's a few things I have learned. First of all, it is a virtual fount of information right at your fingertips! I have been adding my blog posts, but anyone can join and benefit from countless tips on a wide range of topics.  Members have the option of posting questions for home, garden and DIY dilemmas.  There is a tab for Ask a Question and another for Find Pros.  I love that this information is available without having to pick up the phone or leave the house! You can imagine I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Liz, a Community Manager for Hometalk. She had seen my post on Dorm Room Style and asked if I would be interested in curating an inspiration board.  Would I? Ummm....yes! 

Decorate a Dorm Room for Less Inspiration Board mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Featured on Hometalk
I enjoyed the process of hunting down these thrifty, creative solutions for the limited space common in dorm rooms. If you enjoy sharing your projects and being inspired by others, check it out--the possibilities are endless...and addictive!  

Featured on Hometalk.com

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  1. Haha, where was this nine years ago? I popped over and looked...it's a great board. Lots of really cool ideas. I love Home Talk!

  2. I'm on hometalk but for some reason I can't get it to load on my phone! So annoying! I rarely get on my laptop so I'm missing Hometalk! I'll follow you as soon as I can get in there. They do have some great ideas.

  3. Great board Cecilia! Hometalk is a great place to go for some wonderful inspiration! I've had the opportunity to create a couple of boards for them and found it to be very fun.


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