Friday's Find...with a Friend!

Happy Fourth of July and Thank God it's thrifty Friday, y'all! Hope you are busy making memories with those you love. Through the years, I have been blessed with several thrifting buddies including my now grown kids who inherited my thrifting gene and my Mom who patiently humors me. Even though one of my closest friends moved several hours away, anytime we can get together thrift stores and estate sales are always on the agenda! Last weekend, I took my sweet friend Carly when she had a rare Saturday off from her retail job.   We have recently bonded during our Bible study and she shares my desire to have pretty little things without spending a lot of money!  We hit the yard sales first and struck Vintage treasure after just a few sales.  Here's Carly's favorite find--isn't it lovely?  She also picked up some summer reading books for her son for .50!  

Vintage floral bowl

Knowing my weakness for Vintage linens, Carly spotted this tablecloth and of course I was only too happy to give it a home--love the buttercup yellow and sweet daisies!

Vintage tablecloth

I also found this Southern Belle pillowcase for my Etsy shop--she'll be perfect with my Lovely Linens.  By the time we finished yard sales, the thrift stores were open.  We went to several and then were ready for lunch! 

Vintage pillow case

Thanks for stopping by today.  Be sure to share your latest fabulous finds and until next time, happy hunting! 
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  1. Beautiful tablecloth Cecilia and that pillowcase should be a fast sell on your Etsy.
    Sounds like you and your friend had a fun day and made better by finding some nice things.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. What a fun time with Cathy! I am fortunate to have some vintage loving friends as well. Love your tablecloth and dishes are a big weakness of mine. The pillowcase is so sweet also. You should share over at Melissa's Antiques for her Thrifty Things Friday party as well.

  3. IN LOVE with that vintage table cloth. I am SUCH a sucker for vintage linens. I'm really starting to get into vintage pillowcases and sheets too! So happy you came over to share @ TTF! Come back any time! :)

  4. Thrifting alone is fun, but with a sweet friend, it is GREAT! Nice finds. Thanks for sharing with us at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!


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