$10 Upcycle: Utility Shelf to Potting Stand!

Happy Wednesday Friends! You know the expression Invention is born out of necessity? Well since the potting stand outside my back door literally started to sink, I figured replacing it was necessary! I knew it was old but even though I walked past it daily, had not realized the wood was rotting--until it was caving in! Enter today's project...

Repurposed utility shelf potting stand
Since this is not the first outdoor piece to rot, I have started buying metal instead of wood. Originally, I was looking for a baker's rack but when I came across this bottom dollar utility shelf, I could see its potential.  I actually have one of these in my laundry room and it has been really durable.  Now to show it some love...

Repurposed utility shelf potting stand

A little handy dandy spray paint...

Repurposed utility shelf potting stand

...and some cheery oil cloth to line the shelves, which I already had from a previous project.  It's great for outside because it withstands our Texas sun and is easy to wipe clean.  Do you like the stained glass blue bird I hung to hover over the lemon balm? Yard sale treasure! 

Oil cloth projects

You know my fondness for repurposed planters. That's an old minnow bucket on the left-- another .50 yard sale find! I love the contrast of the bright colored watering cans against the older metals and fresh green herbs and succulents. Last but not least--a watering elephant for whimsy!

Repurposed utility shelf potting stand

My former potting stand held plants and pots so I need its replacement to be functional  but that doesn't mean it can't also be eye candy!

Repurposed utility shelf potting stand

Did you notice my cork herb markers? They are one of my best sellers on Etsy. .  Here's a closer look:  

Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs

Every little thing is from a thrift store, yard sale or plant shop-- my kind of makeover!

Repurposed utility shelf potting stand

What have you been working on lately? I  would love to hear about your latest project!

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  1. Great makeover Cecilia! Really bright and cheery. I have a couple of minnow buckets and love them also. The cork makers are super cute and I love the bird in the Lemon Balm!

  2. Looks so pretty Cecilia ... love the bright yellow and the oilcloth is just perfect. I once asked for oilcloth in a hardware store and the young man did not know what oilcloth was. Now that pretty shelf will make you happy every time you enter your back door.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. I did this same thing a few years back...and it worked just great.
    I love how yours turned out.

  4. Great job! So bright and colorful...love it! What a great idea...I have a shelf just like it in the basement...

  5. LOVE IT! I adore your garden and this adds to the whole picture. :)

  6. Love this makeover and the bright colors are so fabulous and eye catching!

  7. I just 'found' you! I came over from BJ's 'Sweet Nothings' blog. I will be here often - I LOVE what you do with thrift store finds. I have one of these metal racks in my garage. It was headed for a garage sale or thrift store. Now I know what I want to do with it! You are an inspiration! I'll be back again soon.


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