Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space!

Greetings Friends! Recently I was asked about my work space and creative process and it dawned on me that I have never given my readers a garden tour. Considering all of the places in my home that I truly love, my garden is first and foremost my creative playground and the place I am always inspired.   It is where I began and continually cultivate my Etsy business--you can read more here --repurpose thrifted finds, complete an ever growing list of DIY projects, photograph all of the above and constantly ponder my latest blog post.  It is where I may physically work to the point of exhaustion and yet am able to relax the most....welcome to my Secret Garden!

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com My whimscial repurposed creative space and home of Secret Garden Herbs

Imagine you are here....we'll start at the garden gate.  As we approach the gate, we pass the back door garden.  The red bistro table is where I work on smaller projects.  

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Back door garden near the gate entrance to Secret Garden

I found this Vintage inspired door knob and key set at Hobby Lobby.  Why yes, they were on sale--50% off, yay! They instantly put me in mind of The Secret Garden and I stained them antique green for added effect.  

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Secret Garden inspired gate hardware given an antique green patina

As we enter the gate, this large copper finial stands to the right amidst honeysuckle and pink roses.  Despite the fact that it looks very heavy, it is actually quite light weight.  I found it at a yard sale for a few dollars and gave it a hammered copper finish.  For some reason it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland--you know the huge chess pieces?  I guess every girl wants to feel like she's in a fairy tale at times and I feel so blessed to live here!

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A yard sale finial painted copper pops against the greenery and pink roses

The entrance path is bordered by fragrant rosemary.  Follow the red brick road....follow, follow, follow, follow...okay you get the reference! When I started over ten years ago, my yard consisted of rocks, dirt and cedar trees--that's it.  For me this path will always hold memories of my kids and I laboring over it together. The lots behind our property were still wooded back then and they hauled over the rocks for the border one at a time--there were some complaints about "child labor" but mostly laughter and a sweet time together!  It is actually one of several paths and just a sampling of my rosemary goodness. I knew virtually nothing about landscaping or gardening then.  Herbs were simply my first success at gardening and now they are my business.  I am self taught and have learned by trial and error much like this blogging journey I began a little over a year ago....

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A fragrant rosemary lined path at the garden's entrance
Dear Firstborn captured this photo 

Past the rosemary on the left grows pink baby crepe myrtle, salvia, lavender and vinca groundcover. The large window mirror was a $5 yard sale find.  I use lots of mirrors in my garden and paint them all the same morning glory blue. I love how they reflect light in the garden.   

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A collection of mirrors are displayed to reflect the beauty of the garden

Below are more thrifted mirrors that adorn my fence. 

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A collection of thrifted mirrors painted the same blue give a fairy tale effect
Once upon a time there was a thrifty lady who loved to hunt for unexpected treasure...

Creating a place of beauty and whimsy makes my heart joyful! 

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Whimsical signs are scattered thru the garden

Taking the path to the right will bring you to this little courtyard--this was added for Youngest Daughter's graduation party, with lots of love and lots of pavers! Here, you also have a better view of those gathered rocks. Meander left and you'll come to my sunny yellow swing or continue straight...

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com My DIY paved courtyard garden
"There doesn't seem to be no need for no one to contrary when there's flowers an' such"
The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

...Just as you consider that you are approaching the end of the path at this lush arch of greenery, a blue bird bath peeps out; behind it a vast circle of rosemary and pink roses.

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Lush, vine covered arch overlooking a sea of rosemary and a blue bird bath

Stroll through the arch and come out to the gazebo with me.  Another memory--Favorite Son helped me assemble it about six years ago.  The sturdy old wicker sofa is a repainted yard sale find and its green seat cushions are from my favorite thrift store.  Even the gauzy sheer curtains are from a yard sale.  With the lovely garden view, it's a comfy place to entertain friends or to contemplate my next project.  

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com An antique wicker sofa inside the scented gazebo surrounded by herbs

Another mirror reflects the front view of the gazebo.

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A blue framed mirror reflects a view of the gazebo

Flowering thyme borders the stepping stones to the gazebo.

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Herbs as landscaping, here flowering thyme provides a fragrant path among the stepping stones

Oh look, here's one of my blog contributors :)

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Baby bunny blog contributor

I collect these old birdcages from thrift stores and yard sales and give them a fresh coat of yellow before hanging them in the trees. Hanging them with fishing line gives them the appearance of floating in the air.  Repurposed whimsy! 

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A collection of yard sale bird cages hanging from trees add whimsy

Below is a yard sale makeover I recently posted.  This weekend, I worked on two upcoming posts--all from my garden sanctuary.  I hope my repurposed thrift finds serve as inspiration to others on a budget.  Every thing in my garden is DIY and AICAI--do it yourself and as I can afford it! 

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A mismatched yard sale set refreshed with spray paint

Now you've seen my labor of love.  It didn't happen over night and is always a work in progress. I think I receive most of my inspiration here because I find it so peaceful.  The hammock is calling...

Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com A comfy hammock features vintage thrift store linens

Thanks for touring my herb growing, repurposing, DIY-ing, blog inspiring outdoor studio! Where are you most inspired? I would love to hear your thoughts!



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Welcome to Secret Garden: My Creative Space! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Click here to see where I party!

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  1. wow...love it all...Beautiful! Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events

  2. Thanks so much Tammy! Happy to share with your party!

  3. Oh Cecilia! It's a very lovely space. I love how you have thrifted and all yourself. Very inspiring!

  4. Wow, what a enchanting place! Everything is so inviting:)
    I love the green arch."Leave room in your garden for Angels to dance"- I have never heard that one before-beautiful!

  5. Oh how lovely. Just the kind of garden I love with lots of little nooks and crannies and fun surprises all over. Thank you for a delightful visit for Anything Blue Friday. I'm adding this tp Pinterest. :)

  6. Thanks so much Kaye! Glad you stopped by--great party!
    Blessings, Cecilia

  7. Wow, I love your garden space. The pops of color here and there, the bird cages and colorful mirrors, the resting spots, the pretty finial as you walk into the yard and that hammock looks so inviting! A few good naps with the summer breeze must be taken on that. Thanks for sharing your yard with us today :)
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  8. Your Secret Garden is wonderful!

    I would enjoy reading, relaxing and just looking about in that beautiful space.

  9. I love your garden. What a beautiful place to steal away the hours and enjoying all the wonderful fun spaces you have created.

  10. Love, love, love your secret garden, (one of my fave books!) and all your thrifty, whimsical finds. The rosemary path is a dream...and you're going to be featured tonight! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday! :)

  11. Wow! I am impressed! you must do a lot of work in your garden and it sure pays off. I have a secret garden and it's so overgrown cause I did not do any work on it this summer cause I was in FL mostly because my granddaughter has been sick.....Christine

  12. Wow, wow, wow! I wish I had such a place to relax and create. Every detail is inviting and imaginative and your arch literally made me gasp with delight! Pinned your angel quote.

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

    Gigi @ Old

  13. wow everything is so lovely... that yellow swing is to die for!

  14. What a lush and Beautiful Garden Space you have Created... such Bold Colors... and that plant festooned Archway took my breath away!!! No wonder you feel Inspired to be out there, it is truly an Enchanting Natural 'Studio'!!! Thanks for Sharing and taking us on the Grand Tour! Being out in Nature is always such a Joy for me too... no Inside Space, no matter how Awesome, can compare really.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. I felt so at home in your garden...so peaceful and a wonderful retreat. There is no better studio than in nature. I also share a love for my garden spot. Come by my blog and from time to time I post pics


  16. Would love to stop by and walk through one day! Just gorgeous. I enjoyed stopping by today.

  17. Oh wow I'm speechless!!!
    This is like a magical place. A place where you can hide and dream.
    Thank you so much for sharing

  18. Oh love your garden Cecilia! Gardening is my first love also. Next to hubby and kids, and grandkids, of course. lol! Everything is so fun and inviting. Love it all, but the arch has to be my very fav!

  19. Oh my goodness, what an absolutely charming garden! So many beautiful details. That arch is making me weak in the knees! ... I hope you come share at our monthly garden party!

  20. This is soooo wonderful! I've always been in love with the idea of a secret garden. Yours is truly beautiful with all of the unique touches! I can see how it would be an inspiring place to hang out. :) LOVE it!

  21. Your garden is quite charming - I love all the whimsical decor - and that rabbit! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  22. What a lovely garden you have! Thank you for sharing it with us!!

  23. I love it! Very peaceful and beautiful. I have a couple of birdcages and I set a pot of ivy or creeping jenny inside them....looks great.

  24. What a beautiful garden! I love all of the colorful accents. What a wonderful outdoor space to have created from nothing. Thanks for sharing!

  25. What a fun garden and lifestyle you have... most impressive!! Larry

  26. So many great details here. Love the door knob and key set!!


  27. Beautiful bunny. I tell ya, I am having so much fun with the whole thrifty thing with garden ornaments. I miss it when I cant go. Or don't have the money. Then the fun of getting ideas. Love your blog

  28. your secret garden is dreamy and wonderful. happy pink saturday! xo

  29. Hello my dear! What a delightful outdoor space you have! Thanks for sharing your lovely post at Home Sweet Garden Party! You are on of this weeks featured posts! I hope you can join us again this week too! It will be open this afternoon at 4pm! {www.creativecountrymom.com} Hugs...Brooke

  30. Happy to feature your beautiful secret garden at our party this morning! Thanks so much for sharing!

  31. Hi! I came over after your bird bath statue was featured. I had to check out your garden... it's beautiful! I've been working on my own garden for five years now and can finally say it's as finished as it'll be (except of course it's not but the beds are all made and the rocks are finally installed instead of grass). Now it's time to work on my back yard and I'd like to have a few fun items like you do!

  32. Thank you for sharing your secret sanctuary with Make It Monday. It is a beautiful space.

  33. Nice sanctuary:) You have inspired me to create in my own yard; I am finding out just what we have growing out there; so I know what can stay and what needs to be weeded out so to speak:) Thanks for sharing your secret space!

  34. Cecilia, you do have a very special place back there. I love all the personality you've infused into your secret garden. I realize that I need to do this in mine too.

    Thank you for linking with the garden party today. If you have time, make sure to visit some others because you girls are knocking my socks off!

  35. It's no secret that I love this garden! Full of color and whimsy it just fabulous! Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  36. Oh, my goodness! Your garden is absolutely awesome!

  37. I love it all, and also enjoying your wicker collection!
    Such a gorgeous amount of charm, whimsy and nostalgia!

  38. What a lovely garden and the bunny is so cute!


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