15 Minute Broken China Plant Markers

Happy Monday, Friends! Although accidents happen, it can be so frustrating to accidentally break a lovely plate. Today I'm sharing a fun way to repurpose the broken pieces to use in your garden and you can create these plant markers in less than 15 minutes...

repurposed broken China plant markers

Here's a peek at my broken plate before.

repurposed broken China plant markers

All you need is a Sharpie marker for lettering the name of the herb, flower, or veggie you plan to mark.

repurposed broken China plant markers

You'll probably need to go over the lettering twice. Pictured above is a view after the first time I wrote lemon balm. Below, you can see me tracing the letters for the second time. 

repurposed broken China plant markers

Now you're ready to place it in your garden! (Simply push it firmly into the ground.) 

repurposed broken China plant marker

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repurposed broken china plant markers

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  1. Cecelia,
    What a simple and great idea to add a bit of glam to the garden! Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for taking the time to visit!! it is much appreciated!!!

  2. unfortunate breaking a gorgeous plate, but great in your garden.

  3. What a great idea! I always get sad, though, when I use Sharpie markers for my plant markers. The words always fade and disappear pretty quickly for me. From now on I'm using paint (on some pretty broken plates lol)! xo Kathleen

  4. Very nice. I have used some deep dishes (like a casserole) in hopes that a toad will take shelter!

  5. Well, this is so simple, but it’s a good mindset shift of making lemonade from lemons. Don’t cry over the broken pieces—use them!

    Featuring your post tomorrow at the Sunday Sunshine Blog Hop so we can get used to looking at things in a new way!

    Thank you!



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