The Easy Way to Propagate Succulents

Hi there, Friends! It will be a long, hot summer here in Texas. Since succulents thrive in full sun, I recently propagated several offshoots from an existing plant in a few easy steps...

how to propagate succulents

Youngest Daughter sent me this succulent she planted for me in vintage Pyrex back in 2019. It has been sitting happily on my kitchen windowsill ever since. You can see in the second photo the clusters of "babies" it has grown that have just been waiting for a roomier home. At the end of February, I replanted several of the small offshoots in a 6" pot. 
how to propagate succulents
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To propagate your own, start by gently removing the offshoots with pruners. Next, allow the ends to callous and plant them just below the soil. Then, place them in a sunny spot to grow. You can mist the soil but do not over water! Although Youngest Daughter describes this particular type of succulent as a slow grower, you can see in the final photo that I replanted each established succulent in an individual mini pot. If you haven't grown succulents before, you might like to try these or maybe these instead! These adorable owl pots are perfect for baby plants and here's a great pot for planting several together.

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  1. I do not have a green thumb, but I have had some luck with succulents. I may try this when I'm feeling brave!!

  2. Nice clear explanation. I only have a few houseplants left--ones that can go 3 weeks without watering or stand being watered 3x/week!


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