15 Minute Stenciled Sign Upcycle

Happy Monday, Friends! Today I'm sharing a quick stenciled sign upcycle that you can finish in 15 minutes or less. Best of all, you don't need any paint...

Stenciled sign upcycle

Once I make up my mind to get a project done, I have been known to get started and then realize I forgot to grab a before photo, which is exactly what happened this time! 

stenciled sign upcycle

I realize some of you may prefer the original red letters as they do complement the green nicely. Having said that, I have gradually phased out most the red accents in my kitchen, hence the mini makeover. 😉

stenciled sign upcycle

For certain projects, I find it easier to use a Sharpie than paint, especially when filling in previous lettering. Here are a few tips: Make sure the marker's point isn't dull or flattened. Press lightly to avoid any bleeding on the edges. 

stenciled sign upcycle
My Thrift Store Addiction

stenciled sign upcycle

Join us Wednesday for the Vintage Charm party and stay tuned on Friday for something new! 

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  1. I love red, it's my go to color. That said, sometimes it's just too much and it takes away rather than adds to a look. I think that the black is so elegant and looks great with your other decor. Lovely makeover!!


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