How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

Happy Monday, Friends! Few things are more rewarding than enjoying beautiful flowers that bloom from seeds you have planted--even more so when they grow from seeds you have harvested from your own garden...

The perennial sunflowers that are native to Texas are a smaller variety than the popular giant annuals. I have enjoyed the cut blooms all summer and plan to use the lovely flowers in my fall decor. (Check out my French autumn sunset tablescape, here.) Here are a few faded blooms I dried from one of my indoor bouquets. 

However, I usually gather the sunflower heads for drying once they have shed their petals in the garden. 

Below are several that have dried for a few weeks. 

The seeds from the perennials are smaller and thinner than those of their larger cousins, but they are easy to pluck from the heads. 

I harvested so many this year that I decided to store some of the dried heads in a jar until the next planting season. 

The individual seeds can also be stored on tape for planting or in small envelopes. 

If you are looking for seeds that have been harvested from pesticide-free flowers, I sell basil, moon flower, morning glory, and blue sage

Morning glory seeds

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  1. I had never heard of perennial sunflowers and am used to the big, thick seeds of the annuals! The color of those morning glories just made my heart sing! Just gorgeous!

  2. I'm almost done drying my sunflower heads.

    Can't wait to add them to my fall d├ęcor


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