Vintage Silver Vase: Friday's Find #336

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Unfortunately, Texas is among the states with a spike in coronavirus cases. Sadly, I'm not surprised, as our "reopening process" was aggressive. Suffice it to say--I'm not out thrifting, but I do have a single vintage treasure to share with you today...

vintage silver vase

Last week, when I loaded up my car with storm debris, I found this vintage silver vase that had been overlooked.  I remember picking it up from a winter yard sale for $ must have been in January, since I haven't been to any sales since the pandemic. 

vintage silver vase

I kept a box in the back of my hatchback that I decided to reuse for debris, and when I pulled it out, the pretty vase was hiding under a quilt! Likely, the day I bought it, I had multiple grocery bags to bring in and it was overlooked. Has anyone else done that? 

vintage silver vase

Even so, it was a nice treat to "find" waiting in my car, and even lovelier with a thrifty grocery store bouquet! I love the patina and ornate details. 

vintage silver vase

My Thrift Store Addiction

vintage silver vase

Until next time, be safe! 

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  1. Such a pretty piece Cecilia! I'm happy you found it and didn't throw this pretty piece out by mistake.

    Happy 4th!



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